Rissalah College to pay back $4.3 million to NSW government Rissalah College in Lakemba, Sydney, has agreed to repay $4.3m and will lose all funding if it employs, contracts with or pays long-time former Principal Ali Roude or members of his family at any future time.
$2.7m funds for intensive English tuition for refugee children in NSW schools Newly arrived refugees attending Catholic and independent schools will benefit from $2.7 million to fund intensive language tuition and other specialist support.
AITSL adds to school leadership resources collection AITSL has added to its collection of materials to support the professional growth of current and aspiring school leaders and new principals. There is a three-step guide for principals: watch the video; read the guide; explore the resources.
Not-in-School 15YOs distort Australian position on the PISA league table Analysis by Save Our Schools shows that the PISA international league table rankings are misleading because a large proportion of the 15-year-old population in many countries is not in school.
Brain boost? A headset to stimulate the brain is being developed at Uni WA Student innovators and graduates from The University of Western Australia are developing a headset that can monitor human brain waves and stimulate the brain to improve concentration and boost the brain’s performance.
Scholarships to help Indigenous students flourish in STEM economy Indigenous school leavers are invited to apply for the Origin Foundation Grant King Indigenous Scholarships, which will provide two students with a scholarship to study Engineering or Science at UNSW.
2018 Musica Viva In Schools celebrates cultural diversity The 2018 program spans the globe, harnessing proven educational benefits on its quest to bring live music to schools. From the rice fields of China to the sounds of Da Vinci’s Italy and the childhood games of the Torres Strait Islands.
Aussie actors launch free literacy program for schools Some of Australia’s famous faces are volunteering their time to read to children. The Equity Foundation has launched a free program in schools called Storyville that harnesses the talent of performers.
NSW Champion Girl Challenge – 10 schools in 10 weeks KYUP! is offering 10 fully funded half-day violence education workshops valued at $30,000 to state secondary schools in Term 4. Over 10,000 students and young women have participated since 2013.
New portal to create STEM stars AMSI has welcomed this week’s launch of STARportal, a new online tool designed to facilitate student engagement with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).
Pasi Sahlberg workshops – Facts and myths about Finland's schools Finland’s consistent performance in international student assessments has caused much curiosity in recent years. Educators around the world are exploring what Finland does well and how they remain at the top.
Pills are not the answer Everyone is impacted in some way with the results of a serious medical trend happening throughout the Western world: the ever-growing prescription of drugs to both children and adults for depression and variations of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I join many others in believing that a significant cause of this epidemic is the way many adults view time.