Western Sydney Coding Club launched The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences has launched its 2018 Schools Program, aimed at inspiring a life-long engagement in STEAM subjects. Schools in Western Sydney will also have the opportunity to access free professional development and coding resources through the new Western Sydney Coding Club.
Not new teachers – new Educators For the first two days of the recent school holidays I hosted 20 very special visitors to Marist College Bendigo. These 20 people had recently been appointed as Educators at Marist from the beginning of 2018. Our applications closed at the beginning of Term 3 and the next eight weeks were spent finalising these successful applicants from well over 100 applications. Our time line has been similar for the last three years as we continue to cater
Mission 360 Virtual reality launched by Catholic Mission Walking in the shoes of the other has long been a quintessential part of Catholic Mission’s formation experience, but now it is set to take on a whole new meaning. Mission in 360 utilises virtual reality technology with footage shot in communities around the world.
I'm available… why don’t they call me? In general, casual teachers are outstanding in the provision of excellent education at short notice. But there are exceptions, and these are the casuals that wonder why schools don’t call them again. Having been a principal in schools over 10 years, I have experienced some puzzling and interesting behaviours and attitudes from casuals… and here are a few of my favourites.
NESLI Wellbeing Tookit has positive effect on mental Health in schools NESLI’s Staff Wellbeing Toolkit is having a profound impact on the mental health of Australia’s schools. After doing the 5 module program schools reported a marked improvement in understanding 
Ivanhoe Grammar School to open new University Campus at La Trobe Ivanhoe Grammar School and La Trobe University have entered into a partnership to establish a Year 9 campus to provide students with a university-school experience. The initiative will give Year 9 students an early taste of university learning
Teenagers opposed to Fitbits as a way to increase levels of activity There is an increasing use of healthy lifestyle technologies but little in-depth empirical research on their impacts on young people. Fitbits have been used in schools to tackle rising levels of obesity and sedentary behaviour yet a study published in Sport, Education and Society shows that they might have longer-term negative impacts
$600,000 funding to enable an Australian-first telepresence robot pilot St.George Foundation and MissingSchool have announced funding of up to $600,000 over three years to enable an Australian-first telepresence robot pilot. Telepresence robots will be paced in schools to demonstrate that continuous two-way connection is possible between seriously sick children and their classrooms.
Victorian Education Excellence Awards finalists announced A school raising the career aspirations of young people and a primary teacher who is passionate about increasing women in STEM education and careers are among the finalists of this year’s Victorian Education Excellence Awards.  
Wakakirri wraps up 2017 season on a high Wakakirri 2017 has been a brilliant eight-week show season with almost 250 schools shaking and grooving their hearts out to be in the running for the National Story of the Year Award. Recurring themes were homelessness, cyber bullying, the environment, technology and friendship.
NAO is the highlight of Cunnamulla Library Situated 910 km South West of Brisbane (three-hours by plane) is the remote town of Cunnamulla. With a population of only 1865, Cunnamulla is considered a low socio-economic area. However, the town boasts a diverse and passionate community, eager to develop skills relevant for the 21st century.
Computer failure Australian schools have seen a huge push in recent decades to bring more computing and IT use into classrooms. Has it produced positive results? The evidence suggests that far from improving student outcomes, our focus on IT has been detrimental. This article discusses the consequences of IT on student performance, cognition and beyond the classroom. It also examines the impact IT has