Develop primary kids’ financial and civic literacy

The Australian Taxation Office has co-designed a resource with primary school teachers.
Jun 11, 2020
Financial literacy
Introduce the concept of taxation and financial responsibility young

The Paying It Forward resource has 120 standalone activities for K-6 students in downloadable and printable formats to develop civic values and the financial literacy of primary school students.

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) co-designed the resource with primary school teachers, it is aligned with the Australian and state curriculums.

Paying it forward seeks to help students establish a strong foundation in financial skills and increase their understanding of the role tax and superannuation plays in our society.

ATO Assistant Commissioner Kath Anderson said, “We are releasing Paying It Forward now because the role that tax plays in our society has never been more relevant. We also expect that some teachers might be looking for high-quality, engaging resources they can use in the classroom or in an at-home environment with their students.”

The ATO has also invited teachers who use the resources with their students to provide their feedback.

Paying It Forward complements the ATO’s secondary school educational resource – called Tax, Super + You – and has been released as independent research commissioned by the ATO shows 95 per cent of parent and community respondents believe tax and superannuation should be included in the curriculum.

Access requires opening a free account, all content including lesson plans, activities and curriculum mapping documents are then available.

The ATO has also partnered with ASIC’s Moneysmart program to develop an accredited online professional learning course so primary school teachers can make the most of the Paying It Forward resource.

See or email the ATO at [email protected]