Latest book from John Hattie out Visible Learning Guide to Student Achievement critically examines the major influences shaping student achievement today, it has been released this month in a revised version.
Berwick Primary School takes the Wakakirri Primary title and Hoppers Crossing wins Wakakirri Secondary Berwick Primary School in Victoria has claimed the top award in the biggest performing arts festival for schools in Australia and Hoppers Crossing Secondary College took out the Secondary title.
Encourage STEM to fight climate change With thousands of Australian students pressuring world leaders to urgently address climate change, attention must now turn to how as a society we can better support their passionate pleas into future careers.
Education institutions see most Trojan attacks Education was the top industry globally impacted by Trojans in 2018, and cybersecurity company Malwarebytes Labs has identified this trend will continue to accelerate in 2019.
Victorian pair receive top maths honours Outstanding primary teachers named winners at the 2019 Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) Choose Maths Awards.
Move to waive tertiary debts for remote teachers welcomed Finding teachers is hard, finding teachers that are willing to work in a rural remote setting is harder still and incentives to assist are to be encouraged.
Opera Queensland Education Program and in-schools outreach Opera Queensland is touring performances of The Frog Prince and La Boheme with primary schools included for the first time.
Get a grip on ATAR anxiety It’s that time of year again, exams, final exams, eek, it’s hard to not let the stress get the better of you but what do you do when you're stressed, your friends are stressed and the parents are especially stressed?   Take a deep breath and realise that the only thing that’s at stake is your future…, just kidding, it’s probably more helpful to focus on the idea that there is more than one way to skin a cat and there are more pathways to a fulfilling career than ATAR.
Combine classroom academics with physical activity We don't get enough exercise, kids and adults alike, it’s to do with time, we all lead super busy lives, that and motivation, it’s far too easy to switch on the TV to watch others do the sport and dial Ubereats.
Uniform rules needed for school uniforms Allowing girls to wear shorts and trousers to school has been surprisingly controversial and some rigour around debate on the issue has been introduced with recent research on the topic.
Toolkit for classroom wellbeing Depression, anxiety and behavioural disorders emerge early and can be prevented in part with a greater focus on mental wellbeing in the classroom.
Phonics apps helping struggling kids A suite of apps used by over 25,000 Australian educators could be a winner for preschoolers with language difficulties.
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