When We Allow Our Brain to Work, it Works Better

Use it or lose it.
Dr Baljit Singh
Oct 3, 2023
Mental and physical development comes through exercise.

To improve your physical and mental health, you need to allocate time for and keep yourself busy with various daily activities like exercise, eating well, work and study.

Those who engage in various activities, you will find, both perform and learn to a high level. They’re not laid back, they are active participants in society.

People who are employed can spend money on various activities and are more engaged than those who are unemployed. By being at work, you can also improve your communication skills.

Your commitment to self-improvement and society can be demonstrated through the activities you participate in; school performance, work, writing, sports, music, etc.

If you don't go to school at all and sit at home, you will miss out on the knowledge that the educational institutions provide. If you shut the door to sports participation, the lack of physical activity means your muscles do not work as well and body and mind may become weak.

Mind and body need nourishment. If you are busy scrolling through your phone while other kids are playing, you may become physically and mentally ill.

Likewise, if you don't perform, even though you have a musical hobby, you won't know what music is. When you perform, your ability improves.

The contrast between the government sector and the private sector which strives for growth, profits and performance is often stark, the private sector is driven by competition, they cannot afford to lose customers.

If you don't enjoy human contact, that means you're also closing the door to the knowledge people can offer you in a friendly chat. Without meeting people, the mind becomes toxic and deteriorates. If you stop calling or chatting with your friends, you are denying yourself human contact and missing out on knowledge those conversations might provide.

If you take pleasure in doing bad things you will not know what good is. Those who engage in activities such as smoking, vaping, drinking or gambling, etc. are certainly not acting positively.

Both the body and the mind shut down without exercise, the muscles may not function optimally and the body may become weak as an unexercised mind becomes slow.  
Dr Baljit Singh
received his PhD in Economics from La Trobe University in Melbourne. The title of his thesis is Socio-economic Development and Fertility: A Case Study in India. His experience includes teaching and research in public health. His interests further extend to global health, health promotion, and health systems and economics.