The education system needs a reality check

While we students are busy choosing a career, the current education system does nothing to prepare us for the realities of our chosen fields. Time for a change.
Something missing from education?

If teenagers are not even allowed to drive alone at eighteen, why should they be allowed to take the wheel for their career path? It just doesn’t make sense.

Either we are making a mistake by having teens being able to drive, or kids just are not supposed to be forced to pick a career at a young age. Many students, when asked what they want to be, give the same response: “I don’t know yet”. A large portion of the future of education is derived from students rushing to pick a course and stick with it right?

Wrong, nowadays it is a common norm for students to figure out their desired career path even into University.

This is just outright wrong, imagine if you are buying a chicken deluxe from a fast food store but you end up getting a cheeseburger that’s called ‘chicken deluxe’.

This twisted notion is what students are based on as they are deciding what to do yet they are unaware of what the job really entails, and this forces many to feel dissatisfied with their profession later on down the road. In order to change this silly backwards point of view then the future of education can finally change allowing more satisfaction rates in jobs, and less time wasted on degrees that are not what the student desires.

Education is the forefront of the world, yet why is it constantly put on the backburner? Why is it that the education is always set aside as it has its cycle, so it remains in its half-dead motions?

The education department needs to revamp the system and add a style of teaching where students are able to experience how a real job in a field would actually be, instead of the best-case scenario and riding the coattails of the idea.  When this is able to be complete, then it can finally reach a new level of education that can work with instead of against the workers of tomorrow.

I can imagine that the education system has been thrown into the deep end, and after some thrashing around has managed to stay afloat; and we’ll see the style of teaching online a little more often in future. The use of Covid-19 and the education process is a very shaky change, as firstly it was risky and hard to manage but it slowly is becoming easy to work around and some even benefit more from it.

As a result of this, the education I hope will use this to further aid the process and add this into the style of learning, to fit more criteria and suit different children’s needs. The future of education is an unpredictable situation, having rarely changed throughout history.

The new arrival of the ‘Coronavirus World Tour’ will hopefully become a stepping-stone to a new ability for students and teachers to work together and create better outcomes in learning. In the case that the new development of the style of teaching that has occurred during Covid-19 succeeds and is implemented and the addition of more depth into career paths, then we all will benefit.

The next step is towards incentivising the University experience, such as the fees being a big part of Uni as ‘student loans’ are widely known to be high and hard to pay off. The use of reducing fees in direct relation to the grades received by the students will give more reason for students to work harder and learn more. This will allow students to be in a career path they will enjoy and succeed most in.

In the end, we are working together towards a better future for all, as Nelson Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

This article is part of the student voices writing competition, presented by Education Perfect