TechBee Program Wants Young People for IT Career Fast track

Industry lead training, high school grads welcome.
Get the skills the IT industry wants.

According to the Technology Council of Australia, the Australian workforce needs an additional 286,000 IT workers by 2025. However, the reality is, Australian universities are currently only graduating between 5,000 and 7,000 students in ICT each year, demonstrating the challenge in maintaining and growing a technology workforce.

So, where are all these people going to come from?

Addressing Australia’s workforce and IT skills shortage is global, $11.18 billion tech company HCL Technologies with its TechBee, early career program. Targeting high school graduates, TechBee aims to skill them in multiple Tech focused areas including cyber security, coding, data analytics and AI.

The TechBee program is an HCL Technologies driven investment to develop the Australian workforce from the ground up to do tech work that will meet the needs of Australia’s digital and infrastructure agenda.

HCL delivers a wide range of technological services to finance, manufacturing, technology, telecoms and media, retail, life sciences and healthcare and to public services.

Here’s how HCL Technologies is helping students in Australia and globally, start a career early in a professional environment while simultaneously gaining skills and earning.

Closing the Tech Skills Gap
Those who express interest in the program and meet the eligibility criteria partake in foundation training – trained by industry leaders.

Post successful completion of the foundation training, and a ‘learnability’ assessment, students begin an internship that involves stream specific skilling, which includes access to many different technology areas whilst gaining on-the-job exposure to HCL Technologies customers and real life, not textbook, technology problems and solutions.

Successful completion of the internship leads to a real job, and ultimately a career with HCL Technologies.

Fostering local growth and skilling our future talent pool
True to HCL Tech’s philosophy of opportunities for local talent, HCL Technologies is driving local jobs by skilling the nation’s talent pool in collaboration with others.

In addition to recent high school graduates, students who are currently at university who wish to participate in TechBee can integrate the internship with their studies, and HCL Technologies will provide financial support for their university fees.

Are you eligible?
The TechBee skilling program is open to individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • A permanent resident or citizen of Australia
  • Graduated high school in recent years (year 12)
  • Studied mathematics in high school

HCL Technologies commitment is to provide young Australians from any background the chance to be part of the country’s digital future, to become the first generation of digital leaders.

For more details on the TechBee Program, go to and/or watch the below videos of previous HCL Technologies’ students sharing their experience going through the program.

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Cameron Pereira

Michael Horton, is Executive Vice President & Country Manager Australia & New Zealand, HCL Technologies. Michael Horton joined HCL Technologies in February 2014 and is the Executive Vice President and Country Manager for HCL Tech in Australia & New Zealand (ANZ). Michael brings with him over 30 years of experience within global IT sales and delivery.