TeachSafe offers OHS administration service for schools

More than 1200 primary school students are being treated at hospitals each year, Teachsafe helps with OHS compliance.
Feb 23, 2021
Teach safe
Help with OHS compliance

A recent study from the Monash University Accident Research Centre says that more than 1200 primary school students are being treated at hospitals each year because of accidents in the playground and during sports.

With that in mind TeachSafe has been created to offer an outsourced Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) administration service tailored to primary and secondary schools in Victoria.

Working closely with the school leadership team, TeachSafe begins by visiting a campus to ensure a good understanding of the requirements of the facility and staff before providing ongoing document support and management for the remainder of the school year.

TeachSafe also offers one day of OHSMS training to staff, access to a secure online portal to host documentation, attendance at quarterly OHS meetings and implementation of new school OHS policy and legislation as it occurs.

Managing Director of TeachSafe, Georgina Cook, said: “Our philosophy at TeachSafe is to build long-term relationships with schools so that we have a detailed understanding of specific staffing and facility requirements. This enables us to best support each school’s needs and our annual subscription model underpins our dedication to each institution not only during our initial assessments, but throughout the school year."

Many services exist to help businesses establish and excel in the execution of the required policies and procedures of their sector and Cook wants to offer the same to schools in Victoria.

“We are specialists, not generalists, which is why our focus is keenly trained on the requirements of Victorian schools,” she says.

"Checks are mandated by the Department of Education and TeachSafe assists schools by reducing the burden of completing and maintaining the compliance documentation. We can cover everything from traffic management, to first aid assessments, staff training registers and the completion of the chemical register. Our policy is to provide an affordable service to schools that can flex and evolve to meet their own unique needs.”

TeachSafe primarily assists with the set-up and ongoing updating of the Department of Education’s OHS Management System. The ten-part system has long been viewed by schools as being an essential but complicated system of governance.

“Our competitive edge as a business which specialises in delivering OHS systems for Victorian schools is that we’re already familiar with the policies and we’re able to share our own experience of establishing procedures. Although the OHS Management System is an involved process, we hope that by working with us we can make the delivery of this and many other mandated policies a less time consuming process for schools in Victoria”, said Cook.

For more information on TeachSafe visit www.teachsafe.com.au or email [email protected]