Teach For Australia looking for Associates

Applications are now open to join Teach For Australia’s newest cohort of Associates (teachers) through its Leadership Development Program.
Feb 19, 2020
New TFA cohort sought
High achievers are invited to enter teaching to help level the education playing field for disadvantaged children

Applications are now open to join Teach For Australia’s (TFA) newest cohort of Associates (teachers) through its Leadership Development Program.

TFA seeks to break the cycle of educational inequity, as it stands children from the lowest income households are on average three years behind in school.

The Program is an employment based pathway into teaching, where Associates study towards their Master of Teaching in partnership with ACU, while teaching in schools serving low socioeconomic communities.

TFA Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Melodie Potts Rosevear, is looking forward to seeing thousands of highly talented individuals apply for the competitive program.

“For the past 11 years we have proven it’s possible to attract exceptional people into the teaching profession to work in schools serving low socioeconomic communities. We’ve attracted lawyers, engineers, scientists, senior partners at accounting firms, wine makers and even a noble prize winner to the program, all because they have been committed to improving educational outcomes across the country,” Potts Rosevear said.

"Successful candidates teach subject areas directly related to their previous studies – and they become part of a dedicated community committed to tackling educational inequity.

“We attract subject specialists, especially those people with STEM skills - who have practiced their passion, and now want to pass that knowledge on to young people across the country."

This year's recruitment campaign is aimed at inspiring individuals to ‘Tell A Different Story’. The campaign will challenge people’s ideas about how they could be making the biggest impact, by encouraging them to take a different, less predictable path to the career they may have been envisioning for themselves. It’s designed to highlight the impact and leadership that teaching in low socioeconomic communities can deliver.

Melbourne based creative advertising agency TOFU developed the new campaign.

“This campaign is all about challenging people’s ideas about what the ‘stock-standard’ pathways for leadership and impact look like. Our creative juxtaposes the mundane thoughts and feelings our audience might be having, with the bright and lively imagery of teaching in a classroom, inspiring them to ‘tell a different story’ and apply,” said TOFU Director, Evan Karas.

Learn more about the Leadership Development Program: https://www.teachforaustralia.org/join-tfa/leadership-development-program/