Sunshine Coast school’s VR teaching is among the world’s best

The Mountain Creek State High School on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland's use of Immersive Virtual Reality has won the school a place in a UN showcase of 100 schools.
Sep 2, 2020
VR in education
An innovative approach has placed the Qld school in lofty company

The Mountain Creek State High School in Mountain Creek, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, uses Immersive Virtual Reality heavily in its innovative approach to teaching.

That has won the school a place in a showcase of 100 schools which will gather online to share expertise and best practices in the inaugural World Education Week, from 5-9 October.

Based on the theme of ‘Learning Today’, each school will host a virtual event to demonstrate how to bring change, based on their own experiences. Mountain Creek State High School will be discussing its use of immersive technology in the classroom and how they have created a culture of collaboration and innovation to drive it.

Mountain Creek executive principal, Brian Parr said, “At Mountain Creek we have always had a strong inclusive approach to all of our learners in allowing students to access our robotics program from a perspective of interest rather than an academic approach. This focus has allowed many to be exposed to learning environments which aligns to their personal interest and ultimately adds to our school vision - to inspire a love of learning at all levels.”

The schools have been picked for their expertise across a range of educational themes, such as enhancing employability and life-skills; deepening family and community engagement; the use of technology; a focus on wellbeing; and promoting the science of learning and teaching. 

An online audience is expected to reach 100,000 worldwide and it's hoped World Education Week will accelerate progress to achieve UN SDG 4, a commitment designed to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning for all.

The showcase supports of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal on Quality Education (SDG 4) and is led by Vikas Pota, a globally-respected leader and driving force in the education, international development, philanthropy and technology sectors. Mr Pota said:

“I congratulate Mountain Creek for being selected to take part in our Global Showcase for World Education Week. By sharing the ways in which this school has developed its particular expertise, we hope others will feel inspired to undertake the same journey to excellence.”

Andreas Schleicher, the Director for Education at the OECD, said "What's exciting about World Education Week is the idea of schools around the world sharing their expertise with their peers. After a turbulent period in global education, this is a great way of building back better."

The event will be hosted from the World Education Week website, with registration opening from September 1.

Image by Julia M Cameron from pexels