St Stephen's School now part of Curtin's Innovative Schools Consortium

As part of Curtin’s Innovative Schools Consortium, St Stephen’s School students will now be able to participate in workshops, and game-based learning to develop new skills and attributes valued by universities and employers.
May 30, 2017

Image Curtin's Prof Jill Downie and St Stephen's School's Principal Donella Beare (image St Stephen's School)

Curtin University has partnered with St Stephen’s School to improve the skills of the next generation of leaders. As part of the university's Innovative Schools Consortium, a group of WA senior schools, St Stephen’s students will be able to participate in workshops, and game-based learning.

Curtin will also provide support to the school to enable staff to develop new curricula applying STEM approaches and transdisciplinary thinking to address real-world challenges.