Solar and wind to power charging stations in school

Teacher’s practical lesson in sustainability.
Nov 23, 2021
Jennifer Greenland's project will provide rich, practical learning opportunities in sustainability.

Jennifer Greenland of Grace Lutheran College, Qld will design and construct solar/wind charging stations for electronic devices around her school’s grounds as part of a pilot program.

The program seeks to increase the school’s energy efficiency, provide opportunities to engage in STEM education, raise awareness of environmental sustainability and to encourage both students and staff to apply their sustainability knowledge when solving real-world problems.

Jennifer is excited to advocate the benefits of this program and hopes it will be adopted by other schools in the region. The project has been funded by her NGS Super grant win.

The program is in its planning stages and when it is up and running will offer the school a valuable, practical resource as well.

Greenland will liaise with local renewable energy companies and engineers to discuss the project feasibility and design. The design of the hardware will be developed following consultation with industry specialists and this will lead to one charging station to be designed and constructed by the end of 2022. She plans to submit further grant applications with a view to expanding the project.

“I will conduct student surveys to seek feedback on their preferred design features and placement within the school ground. We will enlist support from design and engineering students to draft the designs using CAD. Depending on the chosen construction materials, students within the industrial technology department may be involved in the construction of some of the associated hardware,” Greenland says.

“This project will bring increased awareness of renewable energy technologies and their potential applications. It will also strive to enhance the environmental conscience of our students and encourage engagement in STEM education. There’ll be opportunities for teachers and students to interact in outdoor learning environments.”

The project will be promoted to the Grace Lutheran College community through fundraising events run by the Grace Conservation Club. Additionally, the College’s Community Engagement Department will provide ongoing updates of the projects progress through social media.

The school is long on STEM and is keen for students to stay the course with the area as they progress to senior school.

“Our school has developed Ignite Maths and Science programs that high achieving students are invited to participate in during the middle school years. These courses provide opportunities for inquiry and project-based learning and provide a pathway to Senior Science and Maths courses.

“In the senior school, students can undertake Applied Science and Engineering and complete Maths within an accelerated program that allows the students to undertake a university subject in their final year of high school study,” she says.