Robotify teaches coding with virtual robots

Irish company Robotify develops online modules for schools to teach virtual robotics programming without the need to buy hardware, or use high-end devices.
Aug 13, 2020
Program robots
Robotics programming using virtual models

Irish company Robotify develops online modules for schools to teach virtual robotics programming without the need to buy hardware, or use high-end devices.

Using graphical programming language Blockly, robots to be programmed include an underwater ROV, the Mars Rover and drones. Students learn to code ultra-realistic virtual robots in a gamified, project-based 3D learning environment.

The package includes a comprehensive coding curriculum aligned with the Australian and New Zealand Digital Technologies curriculum outcomes. The curriculum features over 60 hours of robotics, STEM and programming courses with new courses being released every month, letting students learn at their own pace while also enjoying the gamified experience.

Robotify allows teachers with little or no experience in coding to teach with its automated assessment system that both examines students and provides solutions for coding challenges to easily identify where students are having problems and support their progress.

Robotify’s simulation platform Robotiphy Severus enables its two main products, RobotifyEDU and Simbotify. RobotifyEDU has 60 hours of educational content.

Simbotify is the core robotics virtualisation technology, it is an in-browser virtual robotics technology that allows Industrial Robotics companies to sell robots via in-browser live product demonstrations.

Adam Dalton CEO & Co-Founder of Robotify explains, “Our software allows users to control an ultra-realistic virtual robot simulator meaning we can provide students with the experience of learning to code using robotics without the cost and laborious setup associated with using physical robotics.

“The software package integrates seamlessly into any educational classroom environment and allows for educators with very little or no prior computer science background to teach code and robotics in their classroom on any device. We are driven to make code learning through robotics accessible to everyone and to change the way people learn how to code forever”.

Robotify is providing access to virtual robots and coding lessons in the browser to over 1,000 teachers and 30,000 students in over 40 different countries globally.

Michelle Kelly, General Manager Education Resources, Schools & Publishing, MTA who will manage Australian distribution said: “We are very excited about bringing Robotify here as we can see how impactful and engaging this platform is. It is truly unique in both how fun and easy it is to use for the students and how accessible it is to any school with any budget or experience in this field. The initial feedback from schools has been fantastic, and we are looking forward to rolling out across Australia and New Zealand”.

Judith Harrington, ANZ Market Advisor for Digital Technologies, Enterprise Ireland added: “Robotify’s platform showcases the very best in Irish Edtech, and we’re delighted to support them on their launch into the region. Through the partnership with MTA, Robotify will be able to make coding education accessible to students across Australia and New Zealand; whether learning in the classroom or from home, and that remote capability is more important now than ever”.