Relieving Pressure on HSC Students

Western Sydney University HSC True Reward Program proves popular.
Aug 13, 2022
Two years of the pandemic has ushered in permanent changes to university entrance.

Western Sydney University’s now five-year-old HSC True Reward program provides an early offer to Year 12 students and gives them the option of using either their HSC results or their Year 11 results as part of their University application.

HSC True Reward recognises that ATAR is not the be all and end all – a student’s subject performance a better reflection of their strengths and areas of interest and a robust indicator of future success at university.

In 2020, the University expanded HSC True Reward to incorporate Year 11 results in a student’s application in response to the disruptions to the HSC exams brought on by the pandemic.

The University is not undermining the HSC, with offers made on the condition that students successfully complete their HSC exams.

Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Barney Glover AO, said the University is proud to be a sector leader.

“By relieving the pressure of securing a particular ATAR, students can focus on successfully completing their final exams. Ultimately, by doing well in the subjects they are passionate about they can gain access to their course of choice and ultimately their career ambitions,” said Professor Glover.

Recently ranked number one in the world for its social, ecological and economic impact in the prestigious Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings, Western Sydney University has a history of opening up opportunities for students.

Twins Louisa and Isabella Ma are currently studying a Bachelor of Cybersecurity and Behaviour at the University after they both received HSC True Reward early offers.

The 21-year-old sisters said they chose to study the degree at Western Sydney University as it is the only course of its kind that analyses both the technical and psychological aspects of cybersecurity.

“The HSC True Reward program helped by giving me extra assurance and the chance to get into my chosen field of study. It allowed me to be less stressed throughout the HSC exam period and to truly enjoy my last year in high school,” said Louisa.

“It was such a relief, both before and after I did the HSC exams, and it is the reason why I am here today,” added Isabella.

On 18 August, the University will commence making conditional early offers to current year 12 students who have applied through HSC True Reward. There will be another three offer rounds throughout the remainder of the year.