Reading leaders encouraging kids to read

Throughout Australia there are teachers, librarians and support staff encouraging students to read more and enjoy reading. Scholastic and APPA have established the Scholastic Reading Leader award to recognise them.
Jun 15, 2017

There are teachers, librarians and support staff implementing programs and encouraging students to read more and enjoy reading throughout Australian schools. 

Scholastic Australia in partnership with APPA want to celebrate Reading Leaders in schools by establishing the Scholastic Reading Leader award.

School Principals can nominate a Scholastic Reading Leader in their school who is dedicated to supporting Independent Reading. This is someone employed by the school who the principal feels is doing something special to bring more students to reading.

A new Scholastic Reading Leader will be recognised each school term. Scholastic will feature an editorial on the winner(s) with the principal, the nominated Reading Leader and the reading program/initiative. The leader will be awarded a prize of $1500 in Scholastic Rewards, along with a Plaque to keep. The winner will feature on the APPA website as the Scholastic Reading Leader for that term and have their program/initiative recognised and shared by Scholastic.

Nominations can be done on the Scholastic website and the first Reading Leader will be recognised at the APPA National conference held in Brisbane Sept 2017.