Private School Funding Leaps Ahead

Public school funding falls behind.
Feb 6, 2024
Public schools educate the bulk of the students but are seeing less of the funding.

New figures show private school funding is increasing at almost twice the rate of public school funding.

The data from the Productivity Commission shows public school funding increased by 20.3% (or 2% per year) in real terms between 2012-13 and 2021-22. Private school funding from governments increased over the same period by 37%.

The PC’s Report on Government Services 2024 also shows private schools have fewer students per teacher than public schools.

This is despite public schools educating the vast majority of students with higher needs including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, rural and remote areas, students with a disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Currently 1.3% of public schools are funded at the government Schooling Resource Standard (SRS) compared to 98% of private schools. The SRS is the minimum amount of funding a school needs to meet the needs of its students.

“We don’t have a level playing field in education where every child gets the full support they need to succeed,” AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe said.

“Inequality in funding is driving inequality in outcomes between students of different backgrounds and locations. Those unacceptable gaps can be as large as six years of learning between students of the same age.

The school education Expert Panel warned governments in December:
“The fact that inequality in funding persists - and is predicted to persist in nearly every jurisdiction - is an issue that requires urgent action.
“The call to action around reaching full funding for government schools - across all jurisdictions - is all the more urgent because of the full funding arrangements that already exist in the non-government sector.”

Ms Haythorpe said the Prime Minister promised to work with State and Territory governments to deliver full funding of public schools.

“The Federal Government has underfunded public schools for decades while overfunding private schools. That overfunding alone will cost $3.2 billion between 2022 and 2029. 

“The Albanese Government’s current offer of 22.5% of the SRS should be revised to 25% of the SRS for all states and 40% of the SRS for the NT by 2028.

“There also needs to be a significant investment of capital funding in new bilateral agreements struck this year.

“With full funding principals and teachers can change the lives of students across the nation. It will mean more help for children at risk of falling behind and more support for teachers inside and outside of the classroom to cut their workloads and help address the growing needs of students.”

Image by David Peterson