Pathways to Trade Jobs in the Green Economy

Many good jobs are being created by the shift to clean energy.
May 16, 2024
Green economy
The transition to green energy will only happen through the work of skilled people.

The process for getting an apprenticeship used to be somewhat mysterious, but it helped if you knew someone who was in the trade.

Now, the transition to a clean energy economy means that workers will be needed in number to staff projects being rolled out across the country.

Skilled workers will be needed to build infrastructure required to achieve a 43% emissions reductions target by 2030, and net zero by 2050 and the Australian Government is investing $95.6 million over 9 years to support 10,000 New Energy Apprenticeships.

VERTO works to expedite the supply of new apprentices and tradespeople to boost the workforce for projects like the five Renewable Energy Zones planned for NSW alone.

Having a formalised pathway through VERTO makes the process easier for applicants and employers.

“The formalised process provides structured qualification progression for apprentices. Training and support are relevant to a clean energy career, with apprentices having greater access to support services to make their journey to completion easier,” says Ron Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer of VERTO.

“Under the New Energy Apprenticeships Program, VERTO supports apprentices, including women in male dominated trades, via an industry mentor on their clean energy employment journey. People of all ages and backgrounds participate in the program. VERTO supports all apprentices in clean energy industries right across Australia,” he says.

The New Energy Apprenticeships Program aims to encourage more Australian apprentices to work in the clean energy sector to support Australia’s economic growth.

“As a New Energy Apprenticeship Mentoring Provider, VERTO advises apprentices within the clean energy industry and connects apprentices to industry mentors to improve completion rates. This will help to meet the future skills needs of this growth sector. The program objectives align with the Australian Government’s Net Zero Plan,” Maxwell says.

There are 40 occupations listed as being associated clean energy on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List. Just to mention a few, agricultural and agritech technicians, airconditioning and mechanical services plumbers, cablers (data and telecommunications) will all be in strong demand.

“VERTO promotes the New Energy Apprenticeships Program to high school students and career advisors across Australia. We primarily do this via career days and information sessions. We target schools in and around clean energy projects, e.g. Wellington North Solar Farm, to provide local linkages with the clean energy sector,” he says.

Project examples can be found at these links: