Online delivery, work experience and mentorship to beat teacher shortage

There will be precious few teachers coming online in the next few years unless something changes.
Oct 12, 2021
In classrooms from the beginning.

As there are severe teacher shortages predicted, the situation around teacher training needs a reset and a new model might include a combination of online delivery, work experience and close mentoring for aspiring teachers.

From January 2022 Christian Education Ministries (CEM) and Alphacrucis College will kick off its flexible innovative teacher training program that will get students in classrooms and teaching from very early on in their course.

Candidates from across Australia will be able to study fully online to become a teacher, through diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate degree courses through Alphacrucis, while working as Teacher Assistants at one of ten CEM operated schools situated in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Upon graduation from the CEM/Alphacrucis Teacher Training School, a student will transition from Teacher Assistant to Teacher having gained a strong grounding on what the job requires.

Mrs Liz Hutton, Chief Operating Officer at CEM, believes that the model will be popular with younger aspiring teachers.

“The Teacher Traineeship model flips the conventional model of teacher training upside down, allowing students to earn as they learn in a school setting. The trainee teacher gains experience in the classroom while doing their formal teacher education online with Alphacrucis.”

“No longer do students have to study teaching for 3 or 4 years at university before entering a classroom to gain in-school experience. This model sees students in the classroom from day one while learning the necessary theory and skills as they go,” Mrs Hutton said.

Founded in 2003, Christian Education Ministries operates 9 Australian Christian Colleges, Brightwaters Christian College, three SmartPlay Early Learning Centres and Australian Christian Home Schooling. Collectively the CEM group educates more than 4,500 children across Australia.

Dr David Hastie, Associate Dean of Education Development at Alphacrucis College, explained that this new breed of teaching school will provide a range of accredited courses, including a Bachelor of Education and Masters of Education.

“What distinguishes this teaching school from others is its online delivery and national coverage. Students can complete their placement in five states of Australia under the guidance of an experienced mentor teacher,” Dr Hastie said.

This teacher traineeship provides training that introduces the student into the practice of teaching, embedded with Christian values which are shared by CEM and Alphacrucis.

A limited number of scholarships are available for the 2022 intake, visit the Teacher Training School webpage for more.