New Wellbeing Pulse offered to help schools look after students while distance learning continues

Educator Impact has offered its new Wellbeing Pulse tool to help schools  look after students while COVID-19 distance learning continues.
May 13, 2020
Check your wellbeing pulse

Educator Impact has offered its new Wellbeing Pulse tool to help schools look after students while COVID-19 distance learning continues.

Remoteness compounds the difficulty of measuring student wellbeing, at the exact moment when dislocation has increased stressors on everyone – students, their families and teachers. In response, Educator Impact is supporting schools through its new Wellbeing Pulse, a platform which allows for real-time collection and monitoring of school wellbeing.

“Pulse asks students to ‘check in’ each week. It’s exceedingly simple to use and the whole process takes less than a minute, ” Educator Impact CEO, Nabil Shaheen said.

Brendon Guest, Head of Senior School at St Philip’s Christian College, Cessnock said “Having students use Pulse has given us a real-time insight into a student’s wellbeing, both as a moment in time and a longer-term pattern, that allows a more agile response to student needs. This has been especially useful to us during COVID-19 when students are working from home.”


  • Supports Individual Students. The system allows at-risk students to ask for help at any time. Individual student data is presented to their front-line carers, allowing them to understand and respond to individual students' wellbeing.
  • Usefulness of Data. Data is collected against best-practice wellbeing frameworks and delivered in real-time to frontline teachers, school leadership and Departments. Students check in each week, giving insight about the wellbeing of individuals, as well as statistically significant cohort-level insight across aspects of wellbeing as defined by ARACY Common Approach™ framework.
  • Speed to implement. Schools are able to get started in around a week. From the first week, Pulse provides actionable data, and the data is always kept up to date.

Educator Impact is offering Pulse to Australian schools on a 'pay what you can' basis for the remainder of the school year. This is made possible through the support of Amazon Web Services, EI’s infrastructure provider.

To manage teacher wellbeing through an unprecedented year, EI will collaborate with The Flourish Movement’s Dr Adam Fraser for the launch of Pulse for Teachers in Term 3.

Image Concerned by J Stimp under flicr cc attribution license