New Generation Cloud Filter for Schools – safety online across all platforms

Safe surfing across every platform and device.
Apr 14, 2021
Safety everywhere

To provide safe online learning in any environment and across every device, web browser, and platform, ContentKeeper has a new generation cloud filtering and security platform called ContentKeeper Cloud.

Designed specifically for schools, ContentKeeper Cloud lets administrators monitor web use, security threats, and student safety across their network as well as school-issued and BYOD devices on and off campus.

It provides real-time web visibility, detailed analytics and accurate reporting across multiple platforms, including iOS, Mac, Windows, Chrome, and IoT. In addition to preventing access to inappropriate sites, the product allows administrators to granularly control content so schools can stop over-blocking access to popular domains that add value to learning, such as such as Vimeo, Google, and YouTube.

“ContentKeeper Cloud provides schools with the flexibility and affordability of a cloud-based solution, without losing the functionality they need to ensure student safety and policy compliance. It delivers safety and security with lower costs and ease of use, all while empowering educators to deliver a broader range of online content for superior education and engagement,” said David Wigley, CEO for ContentKeeper.

ContentKeeper Cloud offers flexibility and scalability with 100 per cent cloud, hybrid, or on-premises deployment options. With cloud filtering, districts can eliminate onsite infrastructure, simplify IT operations, and experience a lower total cost of ownership without sacrificing functionality.

Headquartered in Canberra, ContentKeeper has a U.S. office in Anaheim, California.