New ANSTO STEAM Club sees great response

Kids like STEAM if the results of the ANSTO new online STEAM Club are anything to go by, over 1000 subscribed within days of its launch in time for the school holidays.
Apr 15, 2020
Scientists on tap
STEAM Activities designed by real researchers

Kids like STEAM if the results of the ANSTO new online STEAM Club are anything to go by, over 1000 subscribed within days of its launch in time for the school holidays.

The ANSTO STEAM club is an online portal for Australian school students to investigate scientific concepts through problem-based learning methods used in the creative process, with a collaborative, visual approach.

The activities are generated by people in the know, ANSTO (Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) is a leader in research and works across health, the environment and the nuclear fuel cycle to find solutions to some of the biggest questions in science.

ANSTO at Lucas Heights helps thousands of scientists from industry and academia benefit from access to state-of-the-art instruments every year.

Students have unprecedented access to ANSTO experts who will help support students and foster their innovative ideas and creative thinking. It’s free to join.

All Australian students aged 7-14yrs can get involved the STEAM Club. It operates through Google Classroom and after registering, each child will be invited to join weekly challenges set by ANSTO.

Once STEAM club members have completed five challenges, they will graduate from the ANSTO Education Academy with a 'Graduate Diploma' and can move through the ranks by starting their five-week Master of STEAM course. Students that complete all 25 weeks will be recognised as Deans of STEAM.

ANSTO STEAM Club Educators will check the challenge submissions to make sure they have been completed correctly, and children can submit a photo of their completed entry to the classroom.

ANSTO’s Discovery Centre Leader, Rod Dowler, said this was an excellent opportunity for kids to keep up their learning over the Easter break and for the next six months.

“While we’re not able to physically host educational workshops and events on campus at the moment, through our online environment, we’re still able to provide a creative learning outlet for kids – and most importantly, keep them entertained!” Dowler said.

“ANSTO has been running school holiday experiences in the ANSTO Discovery Centre for years, so we have the experience and expertise in knowing what engages students.”

For further information or enquiries contact: [email protected]