History Makers School Video Challenge

Schools invited to produce a video exploring a defining moment in history and win.
Jul 6, 2022
Make a video and explore pivotal moments in Australia's history.

History is part of who we are, events big and small shape what we do, how we live and how we think.

The National Museum of Australia is hoping students will explore defining moments in our past, produce a video and learn something along the way for its History Makers School Video Challenge competition. There are also generous $2,000 and $500 prizes to be won.

The first step is to choose a defining moment and research it, these links are helpful: Defining Moments in Australian History, Australia’s Defining Moments Digital Classroom, Momentous

Or entrants can go local and tell the judges about a moment that is unique to their area.

Students should then collaborate with classmates to produce a video about their defining moment. The form is open ended, video makers might stage a play, perform a dance, film an artwork, make a documentary, produce an animation or surprise the judges with a creative take. Videos must be at least 30 seconds long and no longer than 4 minutes.

Then the video should be submitted to History Makers. They will share it on their Digital Classroom website and schools will then be in the running to win $2,000. Teachers must submit all entries on behalf of their students or school.  

Prizes will be awarded to 10 winners ($2,000) and 10 runners up ($500) in these categories:

Research skills
Demonstrate exemplary historical or community research. Videographers might visit the library, interview community members or examine primary sources.

Show the judges how well students work as a team, they will be looking for videos that showcase collaboration between classmates or other community members.

Regional stories 
If entrants live in regional or remote Australia, tell the judges about a defining moment and what it means to the local community.

Clever use of technology
Videographers don’t need any special equipment to enter a video in this category, but judges will be on the lookout for videos that use technology in effective, innovative and unexpected ways.

In this category, prizes will be won for unique, artistic and original ideas.

Primary and high school entrants will be represented in the winning entries and video entries can be submitted in as many categories as video makers think apply.

The competition is open to Australian school students (K–12) and entries close 4 November 2022.

Need more information? Email [email protected]