Evidence-based Classroom Management Approaches Available

Resources look to improve student learning.
Dec 11, 2023
Resources to address student behaviour

New evidence-based classroom management resources for beginning teachers, teachers working in new environments, or experienced teachers who want to refine or refresh specific elements of their classroom management practice, have been released.

Commissioned by the Australian Government and developed by the Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO), the resources are based on the most rigorous and relevant research evidence available and guidance on effective classroom management from across Australia and the world. These resources have been developed in consultation with classroom management expert Dr Tim McDonald.

The resources are the first of three suites of evidence-based classroom management guidance being developed through the project, with the others to be published in 2024.
This first suite covers the most important evidence-based practices, identified by AERO, for effective classroom management.

Reports from students and teachers show disruption in Australian classrooms is negatively impacting student learning outcomes. Time spent by principals and teachers on managing behaviour can be significant. Additionally, teachers often find classroom management challenging, especially beginning teachers according to the Strong Beginnings report. Most concerns relate to low-level disengaged and disruptive behaviours, and it is the extreme frequency of these that places a substantial strain on teachers.

Three types of foundational resources have been published:
1 Classroom management explainers:
These summarise the evidence for classroom management. They explain key principles, such as teaching routines and establishing rules, and describe how they are enacted in practice.

2 Classroom management practice guides:
These provide step-by-step guidance for effectively implementing and refining evidence-based practices such as planning for behaviour, building positive connections with students, teaching specific routines and expectations, and responding to disengaged or disruptive behaviour.

3 Classroom management skill resources:
These support teachers in implementing effective classroom management practices by refining necessary classroom management skills such as using voice control, scanning and circulating the classroom, and using non-verbal corrections.

"Teaching is complex and our teachers are highly skilled professionals," AERO CEO Dr Jenny Donovan said.

"AERO’s foundational resources support newer teachers to develop their evidence- based classroom management practices and can be used by more experienced teachers to further enhance their classroom management expertise.

"The recommended approaches allow more focus on teaching and learning, and ultimately improve student outcomes.

"Our resources have been developed in consultation with teachers and school leaders, in a format that works for teachers - practical and concise evidence-based guidance," Dr Donovan said.