Corwin and Brightpath Announce New Partnership

Partnership will enhance educators’ work through high quality professional learning tools and experiences.
Jun 10, 2022
Two companies combine to deliver improved assessment and application of data.

Corwin, a professional learning service provider, and Brightpath, a provider of assessment and reporting software, are coming together to support and empower school leaders and teachers to improve student learning by focusing on impact. 

Together, they will reach more educators and provide more professional learning opportunities that will make a significant impact on teaching and educational leadership across the Asia Pacific.

“I am confident that Brightpath provides first-of-a-kind support to schools in terms of monitoring student growth in learning and in helping teachers provide feedback and targeted teaching. But data on its own will never lead to change. I am excited that by partnering with Corwin, we will be helping school leaders use data for impact,” said Dr Sandy Heldsinger, Managing Director, Brightpath Assessment and Reporting Software.

“At Corwin, we use our expertise in effective professional learning implementation to help educators use contemporary research of what works best, in day-to-day practice.  We are thrilled that our partnership with Brightpath will further support educators to use rigorous evidence to make decisions and focus on practices that maximise impact on student learning,” said Vania Tiatto, Executive Director, Corwin Asia Pacific.

Over the next few months, Corwin and Brightpath will be releasing more information about the new initiatives they are launching together.

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