Bushfire affected students to receive $2M in support

Victorian and Commonwealth Government jointly fund a ‘Getting Kids Back to School’ initiative to provide immediate relief to bushfire victims.
Feb 25, 2020
Vouchers for bushfire kids
$1200 vouchers for children in Victoria who lost their home in the fires

State Schools’ Relief, a Victorian not for profit, has received a $2M injection from the Victorian and Commonwealth government to provide immediate support for bushfire affected students in 15 local government areas.

The Victorian and Commonwealth Government have jointly funded a ‘Getting Kids Back to School’ initiative to provide immediate and initial support for families affected by the bushfires so they are able to receive the essentials as the new school year commences.

The funds will be available for every student whose family has been financially impacted during the current bushfire season to cover the cost of uniforms, books, stationery and any other essential item students require at school.

Children who are eligible include government school students in 15 targeted municipalities whose families have been impacted by loss of family home, loss of income through volunteering to fight bushfires or loss of livelihood or income caused by bushfires. 

Municipalities include Ararat, Alpine, Ballarat, East Gippsland, Glenelg, Golden Plains, Indigo, Mansfield, Northern Grampians, Pyrenees, Southern Grampians, Towong, Wangaratta, Wellington and Wodonga. More information can be found here at this website: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/programs/Pages/bushfires.aspx.

It is estimated that 300 homes have been lost with approximately 600 children affected with each child who has lost their family home due to the bushfires receiving a voucher worth $1,200.

Teachers are encouraged to submit applications on behalf of bushfire affected students via the State Schools Relief website https://ssr.net.au/schools/.

State Schools’ Relief, led by CEO Sue Karzis, has been working to ensure that students are not disadvantaged by circumstances outside of their control.

“At State Schools’ Relief, with the support of the state government, we are proud to be able to offer support to families who have been affected by the recent bushfire crisis. At SSR, we would like students to feel that they are supported to attend school with all of the items that they need,” she said.