Automated secure record keeping of employees' COVID-19 vaccination and test status

Technology for a post vaccination world.
Sep 8, 2021
Enough already
Keeping tabs on the vaccinated in an organisation.

They say things will return to normal, or a new normal where organisations need to record and monitor their employees COVID-19 vaccination and test status.

ELMO COVIDsecure software lets employers automate record keeping of the COVID-19 testing and vaccination status of their workforce.

COVIDsecure can capture vaccination or test status for the entire or targeted areas of the organisation such as location, department or even role.  

Users can also configure periodic expiry alerts so they can be notified when an employee is due to update their vaccination or test status. The alert functionality is particularly useful for workers required by government regulation to submit for testing at regular intervals.  

The new module makes it easy for employees to submit records of their COVID-19 vaccination or test results in a single, secure platform with strict access control measures.

COVIDsecure also provides HR and leadership with a powerful dashboard to provide a real-time view of critical information to assist with COVID-19 risk management. This includes vaccination status of the workforce, testing compliance and recent test results, together with clear identification of any positive test results. The all-in-one dashboard provides management with the tools to take prompt, proactive action. 

Elmo’s COVIDsecure module provides a library of customisable COVID-19 HR policy templates which can assist organisatons looking for advice and materials to help them reopen in a COVIDsafe manner. 

ELMO Software CEO Danny Lessem says it’s now possible to leverage off technology to facilitate safe reopening. 

“Businesses need to be able to keep running in a COVID-19 environment, but they need to be able to do it safely. They can’t sustain reduced activity forever, nor can the community do without their services for an indefinite amount of time either."

Image by Alexey Solodovnikov (Idea, Producer, CG, Editor), Valeria Arkhipova (Scientific ?onsultant), CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons