“Arts Education at its best”

Teachers the key to a successful Wakakirri 2023 Story-Dance Festival Season.
Oct 18, 2023
Rosebud Secondary College, Victoria's Story-Dance “Unfold”

Wakakirri would like to extend a BIG congratulations and thank you to all the 198 schools who took part in Wakakirri 2023. Wakakirri Festival Director Adam Loxley commended the remarkable performance and storytelling of all participating schools this year, stating “the standard this year was truly outstanding, and this is a testament to the remarkable efforts of both students and their dedicated teachers. Every school should take immense pride in their achievements.” This highlights the exceptional quality and creativity that each school, alongside their teachers, contributed to the success of the Wakakirri festival.

After an amazing 2023 season, Wakakirri is winding up the year with a showcase of this year's national award winning schools and their ‘behind the scenes’ stories. These schools' performances and their answers to the question “why did you choose to tell this story?” are an inspiring insight into arts education in our schools today.

Wakakirri is a national Story-Dance Festival that helps schools develop student engagement and well-being through participation in the performing arts.  Schools participate by creating Story-Dances which they perform in live theatres in capital cities and selected regional areas around Australia. Schools’ performances are inspired by the Wakakirri ethos ‘great stories inspire change’.

Registrations for Wakakirri 2024 are now open.

Here are a few schools that have achieved national recognition for their outstanding performances and ‘behind the scenes’ stories. The full list of awards can be found at www.wakakirri.com

Rosebud Secondary College, Victoria
Through the power of contemporary dance we have been able to create conversation with the young people of our community about the human environmental cost of the fashion industry.

MLC School, NSW
“Beyond the Walk of Fame”
A stunning & emotional journey through the life and times of Judy Garland! A performance that reflects upon the mistreatment of women and children of the Hollywood Golden era of film, and to show the behind the scenes mistreatment of the celebrated Judy Garland.

Macgregor State High School, Qld
"The Leap"
The students were passionate about educating the younger students at Wakakirri that high school is not an experience to be feared, but an opportunity that opens new and exciting doors.