AI-powered MyTeacherAide Launched with Generous 7-Day Free Trial

AI tools that save time, foster creativity, and improve student outcomes
Nov 26, 2023
MyTeacherAide founders Jacob Skierka, left, and Paul Matthews

Over 60 days, MyTeacherAide has been challenged and tested in Pilot Mode by more than 400 educators. And now it’s been launched, with a 7-day free trial offer for teachers wanting to try it in their classroom. The platform promises to address common teaching challenges, such as time-consuming lesson planning and the need for personalised student engagement.

Founded by two Tasmanian teachers, Paul Matthews and Jacob Skierka, MyTeacherAide’s mission is simple: to provide educators with user-friendly and cost-effective AI tools that save time, foster creativity, and improve student outcomes.

The platform integrates the latest version of the Australian Curriculum (AC9) with is artificial intelligence to offer five dynamic tools: Lesson Planner, Curriculum Expert, Quiz Generator, Rubric Generator and Text Differentiator.

“This launch marks a significant leap in educational technology, offering teachers incredible support in crafting engaging, effective, and personalised learning experiences at the click of a button”, Paul Matthews says.

"As teachers it’s important to realise that AI isn’t here to replace us; it’s here to help us. I talk to teachers daily who struggle to keep their head above water. It’s wild that 70% of teachers say their workload is unmanageable ... as teachers, we need all the help we can get, and that’s why we built MyTeacherAide and why we are offering a 7-Day free trial."

The excitement is already palpable: "The learning needs in my class are more diverse than ever. MyTeacherAide will help me make sure every student gets what they need to learn” says Isaac Smith, Grade 5/6 Teacher and Curriculum Lead in Hobart, “I love my students, and I’m grateful for anything that will help me make learning more accessible to them.”

Scott, a School Leader, says, “Loving it! I have been testing it against many years of lesson planning experience and assessment development … MyTeacherAide is exceptional. Lesson plans have exceeded anything I could have imagined. Whether I want an entire plan or be able to pick and choose activities.

Kirsty, another Hobart teacher adds, “As a middle school English/Humanities teacher the gap between students is significant, especially when it comes to reading and comprehension. Being able to deliver content that is targeted for each student at their level and created in a matter of minutes is a game changer. I believe this platform will help to alleviate so much of the stress felt by teachers and allow us to spend more time on our core business - being with students.” 

7-day Free trial Offer