AI Generated Work Common in Papers

The first year of AI writing detector’s results are in and they indicate AI use is becoming ingrained.
Apr 10, 2024
Conversations about acceptable use of AI need to happen.

Having reviewed 200 million papers, an AI writing detector has found over 22 million - approximately 11 percent - had at least 20 percent AI writing present.

Over six million, approximately three percent of over 200 million, had at least 80 per cent AI writing present.

Since the launch of Turnitin’s AI writing detection feature tool in April 2023, data on the presence of AI writing in student work underlines how common the use of AI in writing submissions has become.

A recent additional study conducted by Tyton Partners found that nearly half of the students surveyed have used generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, monthly, weekly or daily. The survey found 75 percent of these students said they will continue to use the technology even if faculty or institutions ban it.

AI writing tools in education are a complex, ever-evolving puzzle. Educators and institutions should look at a variety of factors beyond detection. This includes open discussions with students regarding acceptable uses of AI writing in the classroom, reviewing academic policies and revising essay prompts.

"We're at an important juncture in education where technologies are transforming learning and the need for academic integrity is more critical than ever," said Annie Chechitelli, chief product officer of Turnitin. "Everyone in education is looking for resources to enable them to perform at their best and technologies, including our AI writing detection feature, help.”

Turnitin's AI engineering team began working on a detection solution more than two years prior to the launch of ChatGPT and was able to launch its new feature within months of OpenAI's generative AI application release.

The tool integrates the AI writing report within the existing Turnitin workflow, providing educators with an overall percentage of the document that AI writing tools, like ChatGPT, may have generated.

Turnitin's AI writing detection feature was shortlisted by the 2024 Bett Awards in the "AI in education" category and named Best in Show by Tech & Learning at ISTE 2023.

Image by google deepmind