A Lesson in Waste Not Want Not

Victorian Schools Tackle Food Waste with Ozharvest’s Feast Program.
Aug 5, 2022
Mount Eliza Primary School Students Nick, Kaya, Kai and Katie.

Students at Mount Eliza Primary School on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula showed how they’ve been tackling food waste as part of OzHarvest’s FEAST program (Food Education and Sustainability Training).

The culmination of the program is the ‘School Cookbook’ which brings to life everything the students have learnt about food waste and healthy eating, which is shared with the whole school community.

The Mount Eliza Year 5 and 6 students are some of the first to complete the program in Victoria and presented their cookbook and got cooking using food that might otherwise have gone to waste.

Kim Wheeler, Principal at Mount Eliza Primary School, said, “It’s amazing what our students have learned and achieved through the FEAST program. They have been both empowered and inspired to eat healthy, waste less food and become change-makers in our local community.”

Schools can run FEAST for 7–10 weeks and it’s aligned to the Australian Curriculum STEM and English Learning Areas. Aimed at Years 5 and 6, the program teaches kids about sustainability, food waste and nutrition using hands-on cooking and inquiry-based learning.

OzHarvest Victoria State Manager, Bernardo Tobias, said FEAST was developed after identifying an opportunity in the curriculum for a sustainability program that addressed food waste and healthy eating. “When it comes to fighting food waste, kids are the future change-makers and are extremely passionate about protecting the planet. Like any good FEAST, it’s designed to be fun, engaging and filled with good food! It’s great to see over 70 schools in Victoria already running the program and we hope to see even more sign up to create more impact across local communities.”

To get FEAST in your school, or check if you are eligible to receive the funding assistance,  visit www.ozharvest.org/feast