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Sphero® New Mini Soccer makes for fun coding

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Sphero Mini Soccer a robotic ball and accessories that makes learning to code feel more like fun than work.

Mini Soccer Sphero includes a mini app-enabled robotic ball - complete with a custom black and white shell resembling an actual soccer ball, plus eight cones to inspire creative challenges.

You sync your Mini Soccer with the Sphero Play app to activate a scrimmage with Kick Drive, program your robot with precision around the cones using the new Block Drive horizontal coding feature, or you can make the transition to learn more challenging functions through block-based programming in the Sphero Edu app.

Mini Soccer comes equipped with color-changing LEDs, accelerometer, gyroscope, a 10m range Bluetooth connection, and a rechargeable battery with 45 minutes of playtime.

Also on September 16, Sphero will introduce Block Drive into their Sphero Play app – a friendly introduction to basic robot coding or beginners. Movement Blocks tell your robot which direction to roll, while Light Blocks add playful, colorful LED effects.


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