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Wording up on dyslexia

Understanding dyslexia and how to support students – Annie Facchinetti

If you can read this effortlessly, you are not one of the estimated 10 per cent of Australians who have dyslexia (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, 2000), a figure that makes it particularly surprising that it has only recently been recognised as a category of exceptionality in Australia. Part of the problem stems from the lack of clarity and agreement about the very definition of dyslexia. Read More


18 Aug 2017 | NSW
NSW website link to Safe Schools bungle News Image

After concern was raised to NESA that a link on a resource contained a link to the federal government’s Safe Schools program and other unauthorised resources it was removed immediately. Read More

17 Aug 2017 | NSW
NSW Premier's Teacher Scholarship winners News Image

Twenty-one of NSW’s best teachers have been rewarded with a 2017 Premier’s Teacher Scholarship, for their commitment to quality education. The 2017 program has 21 scholarships being awarded across 17 program areas.  Read More

17 Aug 2017 | NSW
Young Tall Poppies 2017 News Image

Five young UNSW researchers will spend a year sharing their knowledge with school students, teachers and the broader community after winning NSW Young Tall Poppy Science Awards. Read More

17 Aug 2017 | SA / UK
Aboriginal educator wins prestigious London fellowship News Image

One of Australia’s most prominent Aboriginal educators, UniSA Prof Lester- Irabinna Rigney, has been awarded a prestigious fellowship through a new collaboration between the University of South Australia and King’s College London. Read More

17 Aug 2017 | QLD
Positive Parenting program to continue in QLD News Image

Families will continue to have access to an international parenting program developed at The University of Queensland, after renewed investment in state government funding. Read More

16 Aug 2017 | TAS
TAS Gov backflips on lowering school starting age News Image

The Tasmanian Government has backflipped on its proposal to lower the school starting age to 4.5 years and will no longer be lowering the voluntary school starting age. Read More

16 Aug 2017 | QLD
Drone flying lessons for students during National Science Week News Image

Year 5 and 6 students from 33 Queensland schools will receive training and experience in flying drones for National Science Week. The Drone Experience includes a presentation on real-world applications and a hands-on flying challenge. Read More

14 Aug 2017 | VIC
Ombudsman releases report: Expulsion not the answer News Image

Tabling an Investigation into Victorian government school expulsions in Parliament, Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass said children as young as five and six are being excluded from government schools in a process riddled with gaps. Read More 

14 Aug 2017 | Australia
NAP activities now in schools News Image

There are currently two NAP activities underway in schools. Item trialling for NAPLAN tests is undertaken every year and trials potential test questions. SRT for NAPLAN Online is to ensure schools are ready to undertake NAPLAN Online. Read More

14 Aug 2017 | NT
NT 2017 school survey News Image

Students, families and staff of Northern Territory schools are invited to participate in the 2017 School Survey, to provide feedback on what schools are doing well and where they can improve. Read More

12 Aug 2017 | VIC
New cleaning contracts in VIC schools News Image

After multiple investigations over the past 12 months of cleaning staff being underpaid and mistreated while working in government schools, the Victorian Government has announced a complete overhaul of cleaner procurement. Read More

11 Aug 2017 | WA
Perth Steiner School principal quits as second student develops Measles News Image

Nr Jean-Michel David has resigned from his position as principal of the Perth Waldorf School following a possible outbreak of Measles at the school where a second student has been infected. Read More