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Will goal–setting help me get through the year?

Robyn Pearce helps kick start 2017 with organisation.

Over the holiday season you probably had a conversation at least once about the year that’s been and your hopes for this new year.
It’s the traditional time for some introspection and goal–setting, but maybe you haven’t had time to get your goals completely squared away (or in some cases, not even started).
If so, you’d be in good company with over 90% of the population. Read More


Youngest in class more likely to be medicated for ADHD
23 Jan 2017 | WA
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Recent research from Curtin University shows that the youngest children in classrooms are more likely than their older classmates to receive medication for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Read More

Tas education news
22 Jan 2017 | TAS
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University of Tasmania have been educating Tassie school students this summer holidays with a focus on science subjects, as part of the Science Experience program and Children's University. Read More

Robots on Mars thanks to Aussie school students
19 Jan 2017 | NSW
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Thanks to recent advances in science and technology, humans are closer than ever to landing on Mars. The Uni of Sydney has helped prepare future aeronautical engineers to take up the challenge of directing robots in space. Read More

Uni drop out rates increase
19 Jan 2017 | Australia
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New data has revealed around one in three Australian uni students are not completing their studies within six years. Prospective students are urged to seriously consider their higher education choices. Read More

Next phase of doctors In secondary schools rollout
18 Jan 2017 | VIC
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Thousands more Victorian students will have access to healthcare with the Doctors in Schools program extending to another 80 schools. 51 participating schools will be in rural and regional areas where accessing healthcare can be difficult. Read More

Next gen technologists
17 Jan 2017 | NSW
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The DIGit summer camp is underway in Sydney, with more than 60 students from across Australia attending. The students will follow up summer school with a six-month program including another camp and professional mentoring. Read More

OLNA results in WA shows massive improvements
16 Jan 2017 | WA
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WA literacy and numeracy success rates have improved to more than 90% in Year 12. This improvement can be attributed to the introduction of the OLNA, which emphasises the importance of literacy and numeracy skills. Read More

Making budgets better
16 Jan 2017 | NT
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An independent review into the NT school funding model will consider the way school budgets are calculated and will look at what is paid for and managed by schools and the government. Read More

Safe Schools in all VIC schools
20 Dec 2016 | VIC
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VIC government will take over the running of the Safe Schools program from La Trobe Uni and plans to implement it throughout all state government schools by the end of 2018. Read More

Uni transparency reforms to boost graduate quality
16 Dec 2016 | Australia
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New Graduate Outcomes Survey data, available on the QILT website, provides information on university entry standards, following recommendations from the Higher Educations Panel to make applying for further study clearer and simpler. Read More

NSW HSC 2016
15 Dec 2016 | NSW
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The wait is over for around 77,000 students, with HSC results now available. In the 50th year of the HSC a record number of students achieved the highest possible results. Read More

NAPLAN gains for Queensland’s Indigenous students
14 Dec 2016 | Queensland
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Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students have recorded some of their best results since NAPLAN began, with particularly strong performance from students in Years 3 and 5. Read More

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