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Sheldon College Repertoire of Sound beats the competition

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Sheldon College were voted as National Champions and Place Winner for all ensemble prize categories entered at the 2018 Australian Percussion Eisteddfod recently.

Australian performers converged on Saint Stephen’s College in Queensland to bang out the jams with solos, percussion ensembles and drumlines.

Around 40 participants from Sheldon College received first-place accolades in the Percussion Ensemble I and were awarded the prestigious title of Australian Champions in the Senior High section and were also victors of the Drumline II of the B Grade Drumline section.

The school took centre stage at the competition gaining further successes including:

  • Percussion Ensemble IV – 2nd Place
  • Percussion Ensemble III – 3rd Place in Intermediate High Section
  • Percussion Ensemble II – 2nd Place in Intermediate High section, and
  • Drumline I –  3rd Place in Drum Battle.

The prize component awarded to Sheldon College included:

  • Senior Percussion 1st prize valued at $1080
  • Junior High Percussion Ensemble 2nd prize valued at $260
  • Junior High 3rd Prize valued at $170 valued at $23

Head of Instrumental Music Faculty of Arts David Adelt said the extra-curricular activity is a “Trump card for students who have made a significant contribution to the wider community and in the Arts.”

“We are now the national champions and attendees saw the depth of our programs and Sheldon College’s amazing musical talents,” he said.

“Students all stepped up and performed solidly without the lead of a Conductor.

“It is wonderful to see these students progress and many of whom I have taught from Year 4 and they are now so confident in playing really challenging music and it is so rewarding to see them grow into young adults and become such accomplished musicians.” 

Adelt said the students rehearse once a week and ensure they are practising a lot at home and also come in on their breaks and this is the result of their hard work.

“The big result for us was Senior High section which is highly competitive and the top four groups were outstanding.

“For the students, this is an affirmation of their hard work to get the recognition they deserve and they were on a ‘high’ knowing how competitive the field was.

“The students can now say they are the National Champions in Percussion and received the highest award in Australia.”

Adelt said students had the opportunity to battle it out for the title of Australian Drumline Battle Champion and were runners-up.

“This was the first time we have ever performed in the drum battles and it’s the first time it’s been done in Australia,” he said.

“The students really responded to the challenge and had a lot of fun with it. They thought they were up against the odds and when they took it out they were elated.”

Mr Adelt said Sheldon College prides itself on artistic talent and recommends children all learn a musical instrument.

“Everybody should learn an instrument for fun and because of the life skills it teaches you,” he said.

“We realise how important it is for the development of the student and it is something you get skill-wise which you can’t get anywhere else."

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