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Melbourne Girls’ School joins the fight against gynaecological cancer

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Ruyton Girls’ School made a step to address the problem of gynaecological cancers, which are all too common; 17 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer each day, five women die every day in Australia from a gynaecological cancer

The all-girls school in Melbourne invited Dr Pearly Khaw from The Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) to host an assembly to educate students on gynaecological cancer research and ANZGOG’s critical work into research, prevention and treatments.

“This is a significant moment for ANZGOG as it's the first opportunity to engage with a new community on a cause that is both relevant and important from a health education perspective” explains Dr Khaw, Radiation Oncologist and the member of ANZGOG.

“Often young women are ill-informed about that part of their anatomy and 'cancer' is a concept that is often associated with death and dying. This is an opportunity to start to demystify some of these concepts and educate these young women about the importance of screening and that with the help of research, not all cancers are a 'death sentence'. Also, when things do look bleak, there are teams of people working really hard to change those outcomes.”

In her presentation, Khaw will discuss clinical trials, how they've already had an impact on the student's lives with the HPV vaccination and how the students can make a real difference to the future of gynaecological cancer through fundraising.

Khaw, a Ruyton parent, states “I hope that these young women leave the assembly knowing that no matter how large or small the fundraising total may be, women will benefit from their efforts. This is just the start of a long association with Ruyton Girls’ School so that in the future we can show them exactly what difference their fundraising made by discussing clinical trial outcomes”.

Mrs Glenis Gumley, Head of Senior School at Ruyton Girls School explains “We are thrilled to have Dr Pearly Khaw speak to our senior school girls about ANZGOG’s critical work in research and clinical trials into the prevention and treatments of gynaecological cancers”.

The Cupcake for Cancer fundraising activity at Ruyton will be raising funds for The Women’s Cancer Foundation (WCF) a fundraising brand of ANZGOG.

The Australia New Zealand Gynecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG)
ANZGOG is the peak national gynaecological cancer research group in Australia and New Zealand. It has over 948 professional members - surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, laboratory researchers, nurses and trial coordinators. ANZGOG collaborates with universities, cancer organisation and over 50 hospitals to conduct its clinical trials. It was established in 2000 by a network of dedicated gynecological cancer specialists and researchers who wanted women with gynaecological cancer to have the same opportunities for the latest treatments as women overseas.


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