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High ability students supported in Vic classrooms

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High ability students at all Victorian primary and secondary schools will be supported with extension programs through a $60.2 million investment by the Labor Government.

Strathmore Secondary College is one of the first to host the Student Excellence Program which includes opportunities for almost 150,000 of students and teacher resources so high ability students can feel engaged and thrive in classrooms.

The package includes $10.1 million to deliver the Victorian High Ability Program, which will cater for up to 48,000 high ability students across Years 5 to 8 to enrol in 10-week intensive program through Virtual School Victoria, followed by a face-to-face masterclass in their local area with neighbouring schools.

Up to 100,000 Victorian students will have access to a series of extension opportunities, including with universities, tech schools and partner organisations such as the CSIRO, NGV, Zoos Victoria and regional galleries, due to a $5.5 million investment.

Government Schools will receive $40.4 million in resources to stretch their brightest students. As a part of this, every state school will have access to a High Ability Practice Leader, who will coordinate the school’s program for high ability students. This will be a new role for existing teachers.

The Government examined local and international best practice, and consulted a range of key stakeholders, including principals, on the design of the initiatives in the Student Excellence Program.

There will also be a $1.2 million injection of funds to provide teachers with online professional learning and a toolkit of evidence-based resources.

Member for Pascoe Vale Lizzie Blandthorn said “This will make it easier for teachers to support the brightest students in their classroom. It will see one in ten students, across Years 5 to 8 be supported to extend."

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