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Ambisie encourages students to chase dreams

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We all have those ‘what am I doing with my life moments’, it’s common and not that pleasant but three Melbourne social impact entrepreneurs are seeking to do something to encourage people to avoid that 'what if' angst and chase their dreams.

Liz Volpe alongside cousins David and Ross Fastuca have combined their interest in social impact, storytelling and technology to launch a world first, global platform Ambisie, which connects entrepreneurs to students in schools, colleges and universities, encouraging individuals to ‘give one hour’ to inspire students with their story.

They are releasing a documentary featuring international speaker Dr John DeMartini, CEO of Vinomofo Justin Dry and leading Australian nutritionist Lola Berry amongst others as a start.

The documentary, Generation Inspired, is a collection of stories told by everyday people who started with nothing but an idea. Some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs have joined the cast to share their stories including Nicole Eckels (Founder of Glasshouse Fragrances), Emma Evans (CEO of Capi Sparkling) and Nathan Chan (CEO of Foundr Magazine) just to name a few.

Co-founder of Ambisie, Liz Volpe was inspired to create the documentary after she learned that 84% of young people were not following their passions and that 70% of their entry-level jobs are at risk of automation in the future.

“The next generation is pushing ‘passion’ to the side when it comes to their career. Low confidence, a lack of guidance and not knowing where to start are some of the issues our young people face,” she said.

“Many end up choosing a career they don’t want because they don’t believe they can do what they love. We are not ok with that and created Ambisie and Generation Inspired to attack the issue head-on.”

The documentary will be launched in Melbourne, and Sydney in March 2019 and rolled out to 9000 schools across Australia. Partners include Commonwealth Bank, Victoria University, Vistaprint Australia, Rankin Business Lawyers, Creative Cubes Co. & Kimberlin Education.

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