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Adrian Farrer new Trinity Headmaster

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Trinity Grammar School, Kew (Vic) has announced that Adrian Farrer will be the school’s 12th Headmaster from January 2020.

Currently in his seventh year as Principal at Cathedral College Wangaratta, Farrer has held senior roles at Camberwell Grammar School and Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School.

Trinity’s Chair of School Council, John Gillam, said that in appointing Mr Farrer after a global search, the school had found a leader to deliver on Trinity’s commitment to holistic education.

"Adrian’s experience and credentials are outstanding. His focus on developing the whole person shows how closely aligned he is to what our school community considers critical in education: a balance across academic, cocurricular and wellbeing programs. In our school leaders, we look for people who can nurture and promote our values including truth, humility, integrity, courage and service. We’re delighted to have attracted Adrian to Trinity and are excited to welcome him and his family into our school community."

Farrer said “Trinity Grammar is one of Australia’s finest schools, with a long, proud history of nurturing well-balanced boys who make great contributions to society.

“While this ensures a strong foundation for educational development, we live in an ever-changing world that requires contemporary thinking and collaborative approaches. What I know of Trinity boys is that they are grounded, humble and respectful, as well as articulate and confident. What’s exciting is that these attributes remain fundamental to thriving in any age.

“Jacquie [wife], our three girls and I are looking forward to moving back to Melbourne and becoming part of the Trinity community, working with its talented staff right across the school, and meeting students and parents, present and past.”

Current Headmaster Phil De Young who will complete the 2019 school year before handing over, said, "Adrian is a strong, innovative and holistic educator. He is an inspiring and inclusive leader, with a track record of supporting the development of staff and forging strong cohesive teams. When it comes to school business, he is operationally sound and his personal attributes and values shine through as he interacts with people at all levels."

Adrian Farrer attended Melbourne Grammar School from 1983 to 1991. He graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Educational Management.

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