Managing wellbeing with data

A new platform for primary through to tertiary institutions enables remote monitoring of mental health and behavior, creating a holistic picture of an community's well-being.
Feb 11, 2021
Monitoring wellbeing and behaviours

Based on the Salesforce CRM, Posimente lets educational communities easily identify, track, manage and garner insights into wellbeing within the students, teachers and families.

Users can log any potential concerns – anything from sleep, physical health and friendships through to more severe issues like bullying, mental health and abuse.

Dan Godden, former teacher and a representative at Posimente says, “Posimente was developed in collaboration with mental health professionals, unique education communities along with technology leaders in CRM to create a platform that acknowledges unique and complex mental health and wellbeing challenges. This platform will enable families, teachers and schools to contribute and seek support. Essentially it gives everyone a voice and to ensure that voice is heard.”

The platform was piloted in ten locations last year including Tyndale Christian School in SA.

Jan Lonsdale, Director of Counselling & Family Therapy at the school said, “Prioritising wellbeing has always been at the forefront of our school initiatives and we undertake a very proactive and personal approach where we invest in understanding every single student.

“Our wellbeing team, comprising eight counselling staff, three nurses, two family service coordinators and three first aid staff at Salisbury East, also utilises therapy dogs in our day-to-day work, actively supporting our school community every day.

“This new technology enables us to scale up our support, identify emerging issues and quickly get a handle on any concerning patterns. We know that early intervention is crucial for successful support and management.”

With many educational communities still utilising paper-based or manual systems, adopting an approach that allows data to be analysed, trends identified and a more proactive method to support best practice is a good thing.

For instance, if there are multiple reports of bullying in a particular year, a school can quickly intervene to stamp it out. Alternatively, there may be a pattern identified of student or teaching faculty stress.