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What is Groupthink?

Beware the dangers of consensus decision making  – Dennis Sleigh

We know a lot about American President John F Kennedy but do we know about his greatest error and his greatest success: the Bay of Pigs fiasco and the Cuban Missile Crisis? The former, which occurred in the early stages of Kennedy’s presidency (April 1961), has been described as the “worst decision he had ever made” (MT Hansen, 2013) and the latter, only 18 months later, as “one of the most definitive moments of the 20th century” Read More


16 Dec 2016 | Australia
Uni transparency reforms to boost graduate quality News Image

New Graduate Outcomes Survey data, available on the QILT website, provides information on university entry standards, following recommendations from the Higher Educations Panel to make applying for further study clearer and simpler. Read More

13 Dec 2016 | Australia
Full 2016 NAPLAN national report published News Image

The 2016 NAPLAN National Report has been released, with final results by gender, Indigenous status, language background other than English status, parental occupation and education, and geolocation at year level and domain. Read More

12 Dec 2016 | Australia
Research: strong school identity can improve NAPLAN scores News Image

New psychology research from ANU has found that 'school identity', the feeling of being connected and belonging to a school, can lift student NAPLAN scores by as much as 10 points. Read More

9 Dec 2016 | Australia
ECA: Early childhood education is the answer News Image

Early Childhood Australia said a crucial factor is missing in all the discussion of how to address the declining performance of Australian students in international tests like PISA and TIMMS. Read More

8 Dec 2016 | Australia
Keeping kids in school sport News Image

The ASC released its inaugural AusPlay report. Findings indicate that kids often drop out of club sport activity beyond 11 years, highlighting the critical role schools play in maintaining satisfactory activity levels of Australian children. Read More

7 Dec 2016 | Australia
PISA results disappointing News Image

The PISA report released by ACER on the science, reading and mathematics skills of Australian 15 year olds indicates that Australia is slipping backwards relative to other countries. Read More

4 Dec 2016 | Australia
Aussie teens prefer to read books News Image

New research indicates Australian teenagers still prefer to read old fashioned printed books instead of reading from digital devices, with over half accessing literature from their local library. Read More

4 Dec 2016 | Australia
Study: 17 per cent of kids in preschool still need more daily physical activity News Image

A Victorian study of over 700 children has compared how physically active both boys and girls are when they are at preschool or childcare and found boys are more physically active than girls. Read More

30 Nov 2016 | Australia
TIMSS study a wake up call for Australian educators News Image

The Trends in International Mathematics and Science study (TIMSS), released by ACER, shows Australian students moving further down the international leaderboard, with results stagnating over the past 20 years. Read More

29 Nov 2016 | Australia
Study: Life relevance key in effective learning News Image

New Macquarie University research shows parents can help improve their children’s literacy and numeracy skills by having a greater influence on the type of games they play in their free time. Read More

28 Nov 2016 | Australia
Resilience key in teacher attrition rates News Image

Recent research finds teachers leaving the profession are less likely to be resilient and that instigating methods to improve teacher resilience may help curb the high numbers leaving their jobs in the first ten years of graduating. Read More

18 May 2016
Masterclasses to feature at EduTech News Image

Edutech is hosting the world's largest Education expo 30-31 May plus eight masterclasses commencing 1 June at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The full-day classes will be facilitated by visiting and local experts. Read More