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Why all the fuss about Internal Controls?

Watch it or the wheels might fall off - Wendy Collins

One embittered and rueful former CEO will spend a few days in Court next month, hoping that an ex-employee is found guilty of fraud. Over recent years he had placed total trust in his Accounts Clerk. He had given her increased access to the business bank accounts, credit cards and all things financial. He never guessed that she was fleecing his company of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to support her greed and her gambling addiction. Read More


6 Dec 2016 | Australia
Try Mathletics for free News Image

3P Learning, creators of Mathletics, are offering free access to all Australian schools, until the end of 2016, when they subscribe for 2017. Over 5.65 million children in more than 20,000 schools around the world use Mathletics. Read More

5 Dec 2016 | Australia
Go green and recycle News Image

The PET Bottle Greenwall Project, finalist in the United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Awards - Environmental School Award, aims to increase installations in schools to green their own built environment. Read More

4 Dec 2016 | Australia
Aussie teens prefer to read books News Image

New research indicates Australian teenagers still prefer to read old fashioned printed books instead of reading from digital devices, with over half accessing literature from their local library. Read More

4 Dec 2016 | Australia
Study: 17 per cent of kids in preschool still need more daily physical activity News Image

A Victorian study of over 700 children has compared how physically active both boys and girls are when they are at preschool or childcare and found boys are more physically active than girls. Read More

2 Dec 2016 | NT
Galiwin'ku kids ready for their preschool education News Image

Families as First Teachers participants in Galiwin'ku have graduated from the program, with the children ready to start preschool and family members engaged in their education and wellbeing. Read More

2 Dec 2016 | VIC
St Michael's appoints new Head of the School for 2018 News Image

Terrie Jones has been appointed at the new Head of the School at St Michael's Grammar School from January 2018. St Michael's Grammar is situated in St Kilda with more than 1300 students. Read More

1 Dec 2016 | Tasmania
Improvement shown in Tassie TIMSS results News Image

Tasmania is bucking the trend and improving in maths and science in primary school compared to 2011 TIMSS results. Together with recent NAPLAN results, Tas students are moving towards being at or above national average. Read More

30 Nov 2016 | Australia
TIMSS study a wake up call for Australian educators News Image

The Trends in International Mathematics and Science study (TIMSS), released by ACER, shows Australian students moving further down the international leaderboard, with results stagnating over the past 20 years. Read More

29 Nov 2016 | Australia
Study: Life relevance key in effective learning News Image

New Macquarie University research shows parents can help improve their children’s literacy and numeracy skills by having a greater influence on the type of games they play in their free time. Read More

28 Nov 2016 | Australia
Resilience key in teacher attrition rates News Image

Recent research finds teachers leaving the profession are less likely to be resilient and that instigating methods to improve teacher resilience may help curb the high numbers leaving their jobs in the first ten years of graduating. Read More

24 Nov 2016 | Australia
Report: Grade 1 phonics check improves literacy levels News Image

With one of the largest proportions of children not achieving literacy standards, Australia may trial a Year 1 Phonics Screening Test already being used in England with positive results. Read More

17 Nov 2016 | Australia
Australia receives a D- for kids’ physical activity... again News Image

Australian kids are now some of the least active in the world, and have again been graded a D minus for physical activity according to the latest national report from the Active Healthy Kids Australia research group. Read More