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What is Groupthink?

Beware the dangers of consensus decision making  – Dennis Sleigh

We know a lot about American President John F Kennedy but do we know about his greatest error and his greatest success: the Bay of Pigs fiasco and the Cuban Missile Crisis? The former, which occurred in the early stages of Kennedy’s presidency (April 1961), has been described as the “worst decision he had ever made” (MT Hansen, 2013) and the latter, only 18 months later, as “one of the most definitive moments of the 20th century” Read More


1 Mar 2017 | Uni SA
Bilingual education the key to improvement News Image

University of South Australia, Applied Linguistics and international multilingual expert, Assoc Prof Kathleen Heugh, believes that educational competitiveness is associated with students who are proficient in at least two languages. Read More

1 Mar 2017 | Australia
Practical teaching resource to increase support for students with disability News Image

Australian Special Education Principals Association have developed Leading Learning 4 All, a website with resources available to teachers and principals to better support their students with special needs. Read More

24 Feb 2017 | SA
Survey shows we need to find more ways to support Year 12s News Image

A collaborative study by all three South Australian public universities, has found that almost 51 per cent of year 12 students find it difficult to decide what to study at university. Read More

22 Feb 2017 | Australia
Discipline more effective than monetary investment in schools News Image

A new study has shown that discipline in schools has a greater impact and is more important to educational performance when compared to monetary investment, a new study from Macquarie University has found. Read More

21 Feb 2017 | NSW
New NSW syllabus earns a tick from teachers News Image

New syllabuses for HSC English, Maths, Science and History will equip students for the workforce and further study. Released by NESA, the 19 Stage 6 syllabuses will be taught to Year 11 students from 2018 and to Year 12 students from 2019. Read More

21 Feb 2017 | VIC
More education needed for children about the risks of gambling News Image

A recent study from Deakin University has revealed that sport betting ads are driving a normalisation of gambling in children and recommends restricting gambling ads and more education about the risks of gambling. Read More

20 Feb 2017 | Australia
Career education for secondary students to be improved News Image

The new National Career Education Strategy working group has met for the first time to map out a national strategy to improve the delivery of career education to students, with plans for further research. Read More

20 Feb 2017 | Australia
Walk safely to school on Friday 19 May News Image

National Walk Safely to School Day is on Friday 19 May this year. The annual event aims to encourage primary school aged children to include walking in to their daily routine. Read More

16 Feb 2017 | Canberra , ACT
SA Islamic College loses Commonwealth funding News Image

The Federal Minister for Education Simon Birmingham has announced that the Islamic College of South Australia will not receive funding after 14 April. The College received $4 million Commonwealth funding in 2016. Read More

16 Feb 2017 | QLD
Aurukun Audit: Gov to accept recommendations News Image

The Queensland Audit Office released a report into the Aurukun school partnership arrangement. The report found the school had overstated the number of students enrolled, however, no evidence of deliberate manipulation was found. Read More

15 Feb 2017 | QLD
Students study education to improve the world News Image

Teaching offers unique opportunities to be influential and many school leavers are pursuing Education Degrees with a desire to make a difference and improve the world through education. Read More

14 Feb 2017 | Australia
Principal Health Wellbeing Survey: long hours but job satisfaction News Image

The 2016 Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey reveals long hours and high levels of job demands with an alarming increase in offensive behaviour, but high job satisfaction. Read More