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Teach young children about bullying to stop it

Stopping children from bullying each other starts with their understanding of it; telling them what bullying is and involves assists in stopping bullying from happening.
   Bullying prevention expert Dr Lesley-Anne Ey says that bullying takes place in all forms from an early age. She says children have limited understanding of bullying and that more needs to be done to explicitly educate them. Read More


2 Nov 2018 | National
Billy Tea duo brings bush dance fun to schools News Image

The Billy Tea Bush Band has been traveling around Australia for the past decade, with the main objective of connecting school communities “one bush dance at a time”. Read More

31 Oct 2018 | Australia
Outback schools need more local language aboriginal teachers News Image

It kind of makes sense: Aboriginal teachers who can teach in local languages are essential for remote Indigenous education.
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31 Oct 2018 | National
Grants to boost makeyness in schools News Image

Grants between $2000 and $20,000 will be available to fund Maker Projects opening on Thursday 8 November. Grants are offered through two streams. Stream A is for primary and secondary schools. Read More

31 Oct 2018
Australia languishes in the bottom third of comparable countries for education equality News Image

Australia does a lot of things well but promoting equality in education isn’t one of them, we rank in the bottom third of 40 comparable countries in this regard.
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29 Oct 2018 | National
$1.5 mil funding for school leaders from Menzies Foundation News Image

New funding of $1.5 million from the Menzies Foundation over the next three years for school leaders is open for applications.
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29 Oct 2018 | National
90% of public school teachers use own money for student supplies News Image

So who needs funding? If a recent survey is to believed it’s public schools with 90% of teachers reaching into their own pockets to buy supplies for their students. Read More

29 Oct 2018 | National
... Something Nasty in the Woodshed News Image

Phillip Spratt, ACSSO President has described the taxpayer funding of private schools as "an absolute misappropriation of limited national resources away from true need to those of entitled want." Read More

27 Oct 2018 | Northern Territory
NT Education Awards: winners announced News Image

Teachers, principals and support staff have been honoured for the outstanding work they do at the annual Teaching in the Territory Excellence Awards, held at Parliament House on 26 October. Read More

27 Oct 2018 | National
Parents just as screen addicted as kids News Image

Parents bemoan their children’s constant screen absorption but it cuts both ways as parents look to be guilty of the same thing.
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26 Oct 2018 | National
Advantaged schools get first dibs on the best teachers News Image

Australia allocates more and better teacher resources to socio-economically advantaged schools than to disadvantaged schools.
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25 Oct 2018 | Australia
Improving non-urban schools could add $56 billion to GDP News Image

Australia could add more than $56 billion to its annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by improving educational outcomes for students in regional, rural and remote areas of the country. Read More

25 Oct 2018 | National
Regional teachers wanted for fully-funded mentorship with Bell Shakespeare     News Image

Teachers from regional, rural and remote Australian schools are invited to apply for a fully-funded year-long mentorship with Australia’s national theatre company, Bell Shakespeare. Read More