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Pills are not the answer

Medicating children may be treating symptoms of our frenetic lifestyle - Robyn Pearce

Everyone is impacted in some way with the results of a serious medical trend happening throughout the Western world: the ever-growing prescription of drugs to both children and adults for depression and variations of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

I join many others in believing that a significant cause of this epidemic is the way many adults view time. Read More


28 Jul 2017 | Australia
‘Noonie and the Missing Bone’ school writing workshops News Image

Casey Hawkins, an ASG NEiTA Awards recipient, is about to set out on a national school tour delivering workshops to help students in Years 1 to 4 to develop their storytelling abilities. Read More

27 Jul 2017 | Australia
New skills needed for 2030 workers News Image

A new report, The New Work Smarts, analysed over 20 billion hours of work completed by 12 million Australian workers across 400 occupations each year to predict the skills and capabilities that will matter most in 2030. Read More

27 Jul 2017 | Australia
Independents should not be singled out for political point scoring News Image

ISCA expresses concern at a growing trend in the public discourse around school funding that focuses on the Independent sector, and more particularly on individual Independent schools, for inappropriate political point scoring. Read More

27 Jul 2017 | QLD
Qld Education Minister re-states no change in RI policy News Image

Controversy swirling around Qld Department of Education Document that warns schools to take "Appropriate action" agains students caught "evangelising' outside class results in denial from Ed Minister Kate Jones. Read More

26 Jul 2017 | Australia
Inaugural $50,000 Matific Games News Image

The Matific Games is free to enter and there’s $50,000 in cash and prizes available including a swag load of goodies from Matific’s sponsors – think drones and other STEAM-type products. Read More

26 Jul 2017 | Australia
AITSL case studies, self assessment and feedback resources now online News Image

AITSL has developed a body of evidence-based products, including video case studies, self-assessment tools and feedback resources, that teachers and school leaders can access through the new AITSL website and apps. Read More

26 Jul 2017 | Australia
Majority of young Australians find it difficult to secure their dream career News Image

A new study reveals that 70% of young Australians found it difficult to secure a job that is in line with the career they had in mind, further fuelling the 20% underemployed, settling instead for casual positions. Read More

26 Jul 2017 | Australia
Digitising school payment and permission systems saves time and money News Image

By digitising manual payments processes, Australian schools could save more than 2000 hours of teacher and admin time and take up to $2.6 billion in cash out of the system, according to new report. Read More

26 Jul 2017 | Sydney
Learning Maths while having fun News Image

Matific was designed to teach mathematics in a fun, engaging way. Fun, but not so fun that there’s no learning being achieved. Research conducted by the UWS indicates that Results improved by 34% when using Matific. Read More

26 Jul 2017 | Australia
Woolies Earn & Learn is back News Image

Earn & Learn enables schools and early learning centres to obtain educational resources, including sporting, mathematics, arts, science and technology equipment, by shopping at Woolworths and collecting stickers to redeem items. Read More

26 Jul 2017 | Australia
ACA wins $10m for Digital Technologies curriculum support News Image

The Australian Computing Academy will provide Australian teachers with the educational resources and professional development necessary to deliver the new Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. Read More

25 Jul 2017 | Sydney
ScopeIT Education offers free primary Science Week lesson plan News Image

To mark Science Week 12-20 August, ScopeIT has created  a lesson plan focused around Science week and offers an introductory coding lesson that can be delivered by classroom teachers Read More