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Teach young children about bullying to stop it

Stopping children from bullying each other starts with their understanding of it; telling them what bullying is and involves assists in stopping bullying from happening.
   Bullying prevention expert Dr Lesley-Anne Ey says that bullying takes place in all forms from an early age. She says children have limited understanding of bullying and that more needs to be done to explicitly educate them. Read More


12 Nov 2018 | National
National Archives presents the WW1 aftermath online News Image

With Armistice Day just passed its timely to reflect on the lives of people after the war ended, how they reacted when they came home, rebuilt lives, careers and relationships. Read More

12 Nov 2018 | National
Think you’re a Sphero hero? News Image

Sphero’s been a hit with Aussie educators and the company behind the programmable rolling robot are giving them a chance to strut their stuff.
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12 Nov 2018 | Queensland
Students sing their Songs of Belonging with Opera Queensland’s help News Image

Yeronga State High School in inner-south Brisbane school has partnered with Opera Queensland to develop a stripped back opera to spotlight the stories and vocal abilities of its diverse student body. Read More

8 Nov 2018 | National
‘Creativity’ is the word in 2018 News Image

Oxford University Press’s 2018 Australian Children’s Word of the Year is ‘creativity’ based on student submissions of a piece of writing based on a word they chose to reflect their lives and interests. Read More

8 Nov 2018 | Queensland
Competition makes for excellence in Qld school architecture News Image

Queensland is firming up its reputation as a hotbed of independent education, there is strong competition for students and that means parents are becoming very discerning about the schools they choose for their children. Read More

8 Nov 2018 | Global
Integrated suicide prevention works best News Image

A study has found youth-specific interventions conducted in clinical, educational and community settings can be effective in helping those at risk of suicide.
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8 Nov 2018 | National
Personal and social capabilities teaching lacking in Australia News Image

Despite the importance of mental wellbeing, a majority of teachers don’t feel equipped or supported to teach personal and social capabilities.
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6 Nov 2018
Maths Pathway raises $2.1 million to change the way mathematics is taught in schools News Image

Melbourne-based Maths Pathway is changing the way Year 5 to Year 10 students learn maths, leveraging technology, classroom best-practice and professional learning to enable teachers to target each student’s point of need.  Read More

6 Nov 2018 | National
Top professionals find meaning in teaching News Image

Engineers, scientists and lawyers comprised 70% of all applicants for the 2019 Teach For Australia (TFA) cohort indicating that teaching offers the professional satisfaction that other careers don’t. Read More

5 Nov 2018 | National
$98 million for child mental health and we still miss the obvious News Image

The new $98 million BeYou initative for early intervention and prevention for mental health seems a little too much like more of the same and less of what matters. Read More

5 Nov 2018 | South Australia
St Peter’s Girls’ School all in on interactive screens News Image

Promethean ActivPanels help to decentralise Middle School classroom spaces at St Peter’s Girls’ School in Adelaide, helping with student collaboration.
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2 Nov 2018 | National
Workplace stress driving teachers to consider resignation News Image

Educators pursuing psychological advice for a range of occupational issues has risen by 36% since 2013 and today, over one in ten (13%) is considering resignation according to new referrals data. Read More