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Teach young children about bullying to stop it

Stopping children from bullying each other starts with their understanding of it; telling them what bullying is and involves assists in stopping bullying from happening.
   Bullying prevention expert Dr Lesley-Anne Ey says that bullying takes place in all forms from an early age. She says children have limited understanding of bullying and that more needs to be done to explicitly educate them. Read More


31 Jan 2018 | Sydney
Equity needed for STEM innovation in schools News Image

While policy makers acknowledge the importance of STEM in schools, Dr Jane Hunter from the STEM Education Futures Research Centre at UTS says not enough focus has been placed on teacher learning, resources and infrastructure. Read More

31 Jan 2018 | Sydney
Classrooms powered by renewable energy to be trialled in NSW schools News Image

Classrooms powered entirely by renewable energy and able to power two other classrooms has got to be a good thing and ‘Hivve’ modular classrooms, now being trialled, amazingly, can do just that. Read More

30 Jan 2018 | Queensland
Revolutionary technology provides teachers with virtual assistants to enhance the classroom News Image

Queensland based organisation List Premier Education (List Premier) has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based, digital support tool called ZenoBot, to assist teachers and other education/training providers. Read More

29 Jan 2018 | Northern Territory
New dual campus opens in Palmerston News Image

Palmerston NT students are set to benefit from the opening of a new dual campus education facility formed by Rosebery Middle School and Palmerston Senior College joining. Read More

29 Jan 2018
Teachers eligible for rich Copyright Agency award News Image

The Copyright Agency’s philanthropic arm, the Cultural Fund, has announced it will increase the value of its annual fellowships from $120,000 to $285,000 this year. Read More

28 Jan 2018 | Darwin
Northern Territory students first to access nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite service multicast technology  News Image

The internet access deficit which has afflicted Australia’s rural population is on its way to being resolved starting with students in the bush. The NBN's SkyMuster satellite service will allow high end conectivity. Read More

28 Jan 2018 | Melbourne
New preschools and more places for Victorian kids News Image

Existing preschools will be updated and new ones built in Victoria to create more than 3,300 new kinder places addressing a spike in population in the state. $18 million will be earmarked to build and upgrade preschools accross the state. Read More

25 Jan 2018
Tax deductions for teachers News Image

Taxes are a bit dull, but getting money back from the government isn’t, it’s the beginning of the new year and now is the time to start planning for a nice juicy return. Read More

25 Jan 2018 | Melbourne
Expert advice on supporting kids starting or returning to school News Image

The dreaded return to school is more acute for some than others, it can be utterly traumatic. There are several things parents and teachers can do to make it easier for vulnerable students. Read More

24 Jan 2018 | Billund, Denmark
LEGO Education Maker activities  News Image

Guess what? The kids might already be doing STEAM and Maker activities without any encouragement. Any parent will have at least one kid who’s into building stuff with Lego and that means they’re touching on all the elements of STEAM. Read More

24 Jan 2018 | Melbourne
Yoobi and World Vision Australia to provide school supplies to remote indigenous communities News Image

Stationery brand Yoobi and World Vision Australia will deliver school items to some of the most remote Indigenous communities in Australia. Yoobi has donated more than half a million stationery items to some 40,000 disadvantaged kids. Read More

23 Jan 2018
Science and engineering finalists look to help News Image

Health and the environment were top of mind for the finalists of the 2018 BHP Billiton Foundation Science and Engineering Awards and the entrants haven’t shied from taking on the big issues. Read More