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Mobilising the Middle – the key to cultivating collective teacher efficacy

How can teachers make a difference? Amber Carter

A number of years ago at a school camp students were challenged to set up the campsite and cook each other a meal all without the guidance of the facilitating teachers. After a day of hiking, it was, needless to say, that the group was fairly tired. As I stood back and watched the scene unfold I was impressed by the ability of these teenagers to collaborate and harness their collective strengths to rise to the challenge Read More


7 Dec 2016 | Australia
PISA results disappointing News Image

The PISA report released by ACER on the science, reading and mathematics skills of Australian 15 year olds indicates that Australia is slipping backwards relative to other countries. Read More

30 Nov 2016 | Australia
TIMSS study a wake up call for Australian educators News Image

The Trends in International Mathematics and Science study (TIMSS), released by ACER, shows Australian students moving further down the international leaderboard, with results stagnating over the past 20 years. Read More