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Why all the fuss about Internal Controls?

Watch it or the wheels might fall off - Wendy Collins

One embittered and rueful former CEO will spend a few days in Court next month, hoping that an ex-employee is found guilty of fraud. Over recent years he had placed total trust in his Accounts Clerk. He had given her increased access to the business bank accounts, credit cards and all things financial. He never guessed that she was fleecing his company of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to support her greed and her gambling addiction. Read More


5 Mar 2017 | Australia
Preschoolers learning languages with ELLA News Image

New independent analysis of the ELLA app shows that children are grasping foreign languages using the play based program. The Federal Government plans to introduce ELSA, an app focused on STEM subjects. Read More

2 Mar 2017 | Australia
Comprehensive review into regional education News Image

A comprehensive review of regional education will be conducted with the aim of getting more regional, rural and remote students to be successful at school and go on to further study, training and employment. Read More

2 Mar 2017 | Australia
Gonski goes on tour News Image

Since starting in 2014, the needs-based Gonski funding model may be discontinued after 2017. The AEU has gone on a tour in the "I give a Gonski" bus to promote its success stories. Read More

1 Mar 2017 | Uni SA
Bilingual education the key to improvement News Image

University of South Australia, Applied Linguistics and international multilingual expert, Assoc Prof Kathleen Heugh, believes that educational competitiveness is associated with students who are proficient in at least two languages. Read More

1 Mar 2017 | Australia
Practical teaching resource to increase support for students with disability News Image

Australian Special Education Principals Association have developed Leading Learning 4 All, a website with resources available to teachers and principals to better support their students with special needs. Read More

27 Feb 2017 | Australia
National Ride2School Day News Image

The Bicycle Network’s National Ride2School Day will be held on Friday 17 March and provides schools with resources, including riding tips and guides, available online for download to help promote the event. Read More

24 Feb 2017 | SA
Survey shows we need to find more ways to support Year 12s News Image

A collaborative study by all three South Australian public universities, has found that almost 51 per cent of year 12 students find it difficult to decide what to study at university. Read More

24 Feb 2017 | SA
First 50 SA schools to do NAPLAN testing online News Image

A mix of secondary schools and primary schools from across South Australia will participate in the first year of a 3 year transition to online NAPLAN testing across Australia. Read More

23 Feb 2017 | NSW
UNSW's ASPIRE receives funding boost News Image

UNSW's outreach program, ASPIRE, received a funding boost to allow them to continue helping students in disadvantaged and regional communities consider taking on a university education. Read More

22 Feb 2017 | NT
ACEL Wellbeing conference News Image

The 2017 ACEL Wellbeing Conference aims to provide educational leaders with an opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities faced by leaders involved in the wellbeing of students and staff. Read More

22 Feb 2017 | Australia
Discipline more effective than monetary investment in schools News Image

A new study has shown that discipline in schools has a greater impact and is more important to educational performance when compared to monetary investment, a new study from Macquarie University has found. Read More

21 Feb 2017 | NSW
New NSW syllabus earns a tick from teachers News Image

New syllabuses for HSC English, Maths, Science and History will equip students for the workforce and further study. Released by NESA, the 19 Stage 6 syllabuses will be taught to Year 11 students from 2018 and to Year 12 students from 2019. Read More