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The educational and learning value of explicit teaching and worked examples

Dr Ragnar Purje

Explicit teaching can be thought of as being the specific, direct, example talk and presentation that takes place during classroom lessons. This specific directed classroom talk and presentation is just the beginning of what explicit teaching and worked example teaching does. Read More


24 Nov 2017 | Melbourne
Vic government spends up on school upgrades News Image

The Victorian Government has committed heavily to upgrading schools around the state, investing $2.5 billion over three years. Read More

24 Nov 2017 | Canberra
Australian research shows new strategies needed to nurture aspirations for higher education News Image

Being the first at anything is tough and that holds true for higher education. Researchers have discovered that targeted support to students is needed if underrepresented population groups are to aspire to university. Read More

24 Nov 2017 | Canberrs
Apprentice employment network applauds campaign to promote skilled careers News Image

There’s more to it than university as Australia’s National Apprentice Employment Network (NAEN) will be quick to tell you. NAEN has welcomed a new initiative from the federal government aimed at promoting the extraordinary range of careers available. Read More

24 Nov 2017
Girls better than boys at working together to solve problems, finds new OECD PISA global education survey News Image

They’ll say that they’re better at most things but one thing is official; girls are much better than boys at working together to solve problems. So says the first OECD PISA assessment of collaborative problem solving. Read More

21 Nov 2017 | Australia
Better-off parents are turning away from private schools News Image

Parents are choosing a public school instead of an independent, reversing the drift to private that has worried commentators. Analysis by the ABS for Fairfax Newspapers shows enrollments have increased proportionately by almost 7 per cent since 2006. Read More

21 Nov 2017 | Sydney, NSW
NSW universities to make early offers to IB students News Image

International Baccalaureate students will get early offers from a number of Sydney universities based on their predicted results, up to three weeks ahead of the new December 21 round of offers for HSC students. Read More

21 Nov 2017
It must be true... I googled it News Image

A new report, co-written by QUT, shows more than half of Australian school children consuming news on the internet hardly ever or never check if it’s fake. 69 per cent say news makes them feel smart or knowledgeable but 54% of young people don’t check whether news stories are true. Read More

21 Nov 2017
BPAY offers new schools $1000 rebate on set-up costs News Image

The first 50 schools to become BPAY Billers before 30 March 2018 will receive a $1000 rebate towards their BPAY set-up costs and will automatically go into a draw to win a $10,000 grant. Read More

21 Nov 2017 | Melbourne, VIC
2018 named ‘Year of Women in School Leadership’ News Image

A developmental undertaking to improve the occupational opportunities of women working in Australia’s schools has been announced. The ‘Year of Women in Leadership’ will run throughout 2018  Read More

21 Nov 2017
Independents counter Catholic Education funding arguments News Image

The ISCA has rejected claims by some Catholic school systems  that the new Federal funding arrangements create distortions in terms of how parents' capacity to pay fees is assessed. Read More

21 Nov 2017 | Melbourne, VIC
Student entrepreneurs solving problems to fix education News Image

Research by the Mitchell Institute reveals how 21 schools across NSW and Victoria are ‘shifting the education paradigm’ by enhancing capabilities and promoting entrepreneurial thinking. Increased confidence, greater resilience, stronger collaboration skills and improved empathy are benefits Read More

20 Nov 2017 | Townsville, Australia
Townsville Christian school to close secondary and boarding News Image

Following criticism as part of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Shalom Christian College will only accept primary students next year, cutting its enrolment by more than half and ceasing its role as an indigenous boarding school. Read More