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Teach young children about bullying to stop it

Stopping children from bullying each other starts with their understanding of it; telling them what bullying is and involves assists in stopping bullying from happening.
   Bullying prevention expert Dr Lesley-Anne Ey says that bullying takes place in all forms from an early age. She says children have limited understanding of bullying and that more needs to be done to explicitly educate them. Read More


8 Mar 2018 | Melbourne
New AITSL Guidelines For Principals News Image

Some are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them, some wing it. Often there isn’t much in the way of preparing someone for a leadership role, it just kind of happens. Steps are being made though to help principals to lead. Read More

7 Mar 2018 | Melbourne
Teacher wellbeing - an essential benefit of flipped learning News Image

One of the main reasons teachers leave the profession is due to workload, anxiety, stress and burnout. Whilst not a panacea, I have found that implementing in-class flipped learning has reduced stress and anxiety. Read More

6 Mar 2018 | Brisbane
World Science Festival Brisbane 2018 News Image

The World Science Festival Brisbane has a huge program in store for attendees with highlights like the world premiere of Close Encounters of the Third Kind in Concert, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s classic film. Read More

6 Mar 2018 | Canberra
My School 2018 website revamp News Image

The publishing of NAPLAN results on the MySchool website allows parents to monitor how their kids’ school is tracking against the performance of others and professional groups are liking what they see. Read More

5 Mar 2018 | Melbourne
Victoria’s high-rise primary school opens News Image

The gritty formerly industrial area around Fisherman’s Bend in Melbourne’s inner south continues its gentrification with the jewel in the crown, South Melbourne Primary School, now open and teaching its first cohort of kids. Read More

5 Mar 2018 | Canberra
Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science nominations close soon News Image

Get in quick or miss out; the nominations for the 2018 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science entries close in less than three weeks and the upside is pretty sweet, prize money ranges from $50,000 up to $250,000. Read More

4 Mar 2018 | Melbourne
New insurance product launched for new school year News Image

There are no guarantees that come with a private school education, except that parents will have to pay for it, often handsomely. Should circumstances change a very large hole in finances can rapidly appear. Read More

1 Mar 2018
Facebook flipping – how, why, tips News Image

When people think about teenagers and their use of Facebook, or any form of social media for that matter, many negative thoughts often come to mind. ‘Facebook’ and ‘education’ are two words that are seldom seen next to each other. Read More

1 Mar 2018 | Sydney
Sydney school spearheads sports head injury care News Image

Head trauma incurred during sport is serious, what’s more is the damage is cumulative, beginning on the school sports field, and often it isn’t until later life that the full effects come to light. Read More

28 Feb 2018 | Melbourne
Studies say increased funding benefits disadvantaged students News Image

Riddle me this: at a time when governments both state and federal have a preoccupation with education and an era where the testing of student performance has never been more thorough why are NAPLAN scores going nowhere? Read More

27 Feb 2018 | USA
The best predictor of student success is… News Image

The best way to predict a student’s success in later life isn’t their exam results or their NAPLAN score, it’s their attitude and their grasp of the basics according to research published by the American Psychological Association. Read More

27 Feb 2018 | Melbourne
New upgrades for historic school in Port Melbourne News Image

Work is set to begin on a new $5.4 million upgrade of Port Melbourne Primary School. The upgrade includes a new multi-purpose gymnasium, with indoor basketball and netball courts and the local community will have access to the facilities. Read More