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Better services and more homes needed to support aspirations of indigenous young

It’s tough being a young indigenous person, they face severe challenges in most aspects of life and are still generally less happy and secure than their non-indigenous counterparts. Mission Australia’s National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Report showed that Indigenous respondents were acutely concerned about drugs, bullying/emotional abuse, personal safety... Read More


11 Apr 2018
Boys and girls learn second language differently News Image

Research has found that girls and boys learn second languages differently, which might lead to new strategies for teaching which accommodate those differences. Boys leverage 'implicit' thinking and girls achieve 'explicit' comprehension. Read More

11 Apr 2018
Flexible learning options program saving kids’ futures News Image

Mission Australia's Flexible Learning Options program in South Australia has been a success which could be usefully emulated in other parts of the country.
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10 Apr 2018 | National
Film and television school launches free on-line resources for K-10 News Image

Video might have killed the radio star but the internet hasn’t displaced video at all, in fact video content is predicted to account for 80% of global internet traffic by next year. Read More

9 Apr 2018 | National
NAPLAN writing test “bizarre” says international expert News Image

Some international perspective on the way NAPLAN's writing test is cast provides some pretty damning criticism of it. Retired MIT professor Les Perelman called the test “bizarre” and added that it contributes to bad writing habits. Read More

9 Apr 2018 | USA
School success reverses early damage News Image

An ongoing study follows the same individuals over several decades to investigate how childhood maltreatment effects the child’s future and how those that have overcome a bad childhood have done it. Read More

9 Apr 2018
Course tackles male violence young News Image

The award-winning White ribbon professional development program is a course adapted for primary and secondary schools which provides teachers with tools to tackle men’s violence against women before it starts. Read More

6 Apr 2018 | National
National Youth Science Forum 2019 Year 12 Program applications open  News Image

It’s all about STEAM at the minute but it’s a huge area and students need some help navigating where they might go in the field. The National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) Year 12 Program aims to overcome some of these issues. Read More

6 Apr 2018
Largest ever global study finds kids not active enough News Image

New research confirms what many suspect about the ipad generation’s activity level, i.e. the majority are not getting enough of it. The Uni of WA study gathered data over two years of observing pre and elementary school kids. Read More

5 Apr 2018 | National
Leadership actions matter: It begins with you! News Image

Recent years have brought a crescendo of support for today’s schools to facilitate the development of new skillsets and mindsets that will enable students to thrive amidst the changes and challenges of the 21st Century. Read More

5 Apr 2018 | melbourne
Only way is up for Melbourne inner city schools News Image

As Melbourne expands, schools in the inner city are heading upwards with the soon-to-open Prahran High School being the latest to take a vertical format. The school will join an educational precinct developing in the inner city suburb. Read More

5 Apr 2018 | Melbourne
Maths classes drone on News Image

Holy Spirit Community School Year 5–6 teacher and eLearning Leader Ben Lannen will show next week’s TeachTechPlay conference how drones can teach maths and team work. Read More

3 Apr 2018 | Paris
Trinity flautist first Australian at elite Paris music school News Image

Overachieving 2017 Trinity graduate Brian Kim is the first Australian flautist ever to be accepted for under graduate study at the prestigious Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, Read More