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What is screen time doing to the children?

Robyn Pearce outlines the consequences of too much screen time in children.

It was people working in the television industry who told me, years ago, that there is a direct inverse relationship between the amount of TV a person watches (and these days we would include any devices providing entertainment) and the income they’re capable of earning. In other words, those who spend a lot of time being entertained by external sources are not stimulating their creative brain and will not be capable of creating higher income. Read More


Awarding exemplary teachers of teachers
14 Sep 2016 | Australia
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109 Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning will be awarded to university academics as part of the Government’s 2016 Australian Awards for University Teaching program, including in the areas of early childhood and education. Read More

Non–biased issue resolution for government schools
13 Sep 2016 | Victoria
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A new Independent Panel for School Dispute Resolution will be established to help deal with the most complex complaints in Victorian government schools that have not been able to be resolved locally. Read More

Learning science through music
13 Sep 2016 | Western Australia
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Murdoch University's School of Arts and Melville SHS students, along with their teacher WA Premiers Teacher of the Year Guy Stapleton, are creating a music video to help school students learn about balancing ionic compounds. Read More

'Compliance cops' crack down on childcare rorters
11 Sep 2016 | Australia
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The Turnbull Government has announced a crackdown on dodgy childcare activity and will be implementing tougher, new rules and boosting the powers of 'compliance cops' to catch them out. Read More

Playing fairies can improve language skills
9 Sep 2016 | Australia
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Research conducted at ANU has shown that symbolic play, like pretending to be a fairy or talking into a banana, is more beneficial to language development as it encourages more engagement and conversation. Read More

SA school receives Confucius Classroom status
9 Sep 2016 | Plympton, SA
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William Light R-12 school will be SA's first Chinese bilingual public school and has also achieved Confucius Classroom status, which will assist fund the teaching of Chinese language and culture. Read More

Little improvement from big education spend: Productivity Commission
9 Sep 2016 | Australia
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The Productivity Commission released a draft report identifying an increase in education spending but not in student performance. More evaluation of policies, programs and teaching practices required to ascertain where we can improve. Read More

Seedy fundraiser launched as NSW P&C wants ban on chocs and lollies
8 Sep 2016 | NSW, Australia
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In response to the NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens Association's call for a ban on unhealthy school fundraisers, Yates have introduced an initiative whereby kids sell seeds for veggie patches, herb pots and flower gardens. Read More

Connecting classrooms in TAS
7 Sep 2016 | Tasmania
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With the introduction of eduroam, UTAS staff, TAFE and school students will be able to access files, email and apps in any UTAS campus and state school improving communication and partnerships between schools, TAFE and UTAS. Read More 

Dorethea Mackellar award winners announced
7 Sep 2016 | Australia
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Dorethea Mackellar Poetry competition received a record 117,666 entries this year. The winners of the eight categories were announced at the national presentation in Dorethea Mackellar's home town Gunnedah. Read More

STEM studies underway in Vic
6 Sep 2016 | Victoria, Australia
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Secondary school students can learn quantum computing with NASA under a new agreement. The Victorian Maths Challenge is also underway with activities for students and families that link maths with real world situations. Read More

Robots compete in dance, soccer and rescue challenges
5 Sep 2016 | Northern Territory
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Robocup Junior is a project oriented educational initiative which involves school students developing robots and competing them against other schools in titles of varying complexity. Students from the NT's Top End recently went to battle at CDU. Read More

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