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What is Groupthink?

Beware the dangers of consensus decision making  – Dennis Sleigh

We know a lot about American President John F Kennedy but do we know about his greatest error and his greatest success: the Bay of Pigs fiasco and the Cuban Missile Crisis? The former, which occurred in the early stages of Kennedy’s presidency (April 1961), has been described as the “worst decision he had ever made” (MT Hansen, 2013) and the latter, only 18 months later, as “one of the most definitive moments of the 20th century” Read More


21 Apr 2017 | Australia
ANZAC day reading resources News Image

Reading Australia commemorates ANZAC Day with key teaching resources that explore courage and mateship, to assist classrooms to better understand the sacrifices and challenges Australian defence forces faced. Read More

20 Apr 2017 | QLD
Teaching kids about consumer rights News Image

The annual Buy Smart Competition is offering students the chance to win cash prizes and learn about consumer rights in a fun and creative way. Entries accepted until 15 September 2017. Read More

19 Apr 2017 | Australia
More states pull out of NAPLAN online testing trial News Image

Victoria, ACT and WA will not participate in NAPLAN online testing trials in schools this year, joining SA and Queensland which had already withdrawn. Students will sit pen-and-paper tests instead. Read More

19 Apr 2017 | WA
The value of teaching on Country News Image

Murdoch University is investigating how teaching on Country could become an important part of school for Aboriginal children in remote areas, enabling children and teachers to make connections with key curriculum areas. Read More

19 Apr 2017 | Australia
Serious mental illness on the rise among teens News Image

Survey results show more young Australians are in psychological distress than five years ago, with almost one in four young people in 2016 meeting the criteria for probable serious mental illness. Read More

19 Apr 2017 | Australia
New teachers in out-of-field positions likely to struggle News Image

School principals should be aware of the impacts on teachers and students of assigning teachers to positions for which they are not suitably qualified, and the implications for the teaching and learning environment. Read More

18 Apr 2017 | Brisbane, QLD
Drivers receive walking warnings of speed safety News Image

The Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF) is calling on Brisbane drivers to slow down around school zones, as part of its latest road safety campaign Safely Backpacks. Read More

18 Apr 2017 | NT
Every NT school to receive $300k grant News Image

A total of $141.7 million will be invested in school upgrades and infrastructure projects across the Territory, as part of the Building Better Schools campaign. Fifty four schools will receive $300,000 in budget 17. Read More

18 Apr 2017 | Australia
ACER presents 'Little J and Big Cuz' News Image

New television series 'Little J & Big Cuz' is screening in homes and classrooms to support successful transitions to school for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Read More

16 Apr 2017 | NSW
Safe Schools program to be discontinued in NSW News Image

NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes has announced the Safe Schools program will be discontinued and replaced with a new anti-bullying strategy when federal funding for the controversial program runs out later this year. Read More

14 Apr 2017 | Australia
Student and employer satisfaction with university education remains high News Image

Four out of five students are satisfied with their university education while the same percentage of employers are happy with their recent graduates, according to two national surveys released on the QILT website. Read More

14 Apr 2017 | Australia
Parents need to speak up for early speech intervention News Image

Charles Sturt University research has found parents more likely to identify common speech disorders in young children than teachers. Most parents viewed early childhood teachers as 'primary source' for advice on their child's development. Read More