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How to be nice to your auditor

When the auditor comes sniffing around the financial files, Wendy Collins and Ryan Stevens suggest you help them help you

“What did the auditor do to liven up the office party? He didn’t show up!”

Poor auditors. They tend to be on the receiving end of so many bad office jokes. Their visits to schools are rarely anticipated with joy. Administrative and finance staff will likely feel some trepidation surrounding pending arrival of the audit team. Read More


Fifth Gallup Student Poll planned for 2017
11 Oct 2016 | Australia
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Students from Years 5–12 can register to complete the 2017 Gallup Student Poll online. The survey is designed to provide local, actionable insights for principals and teachers to meet their students’ needs. Read More

$180,000 Vic Government funding for Buddy Bags
11 Oct 2016 | Australia
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The Alannah & Madeline Foundation provide buddy bags to children placed in emergency accommodation providing items such as pyjamas, socks and underwear. The Vic Gov will contribute $180,00 over the next three years to the project. Read More

Wakakirri to emphasise secondary schools in 2017
11 Oct 2016 | Australia
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Primary and Secondary school students across Australia performed 'Story Dances' for the Wakakirri festival. In 2017, secondary schools from ACT, Qld, SA and WA will also be able to participate. Read More

2017 Teach Tech Play Conference
11 Oct 2016 | Ivanhoe, Victoria
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The Teach Tech Play Conference will be held again at the Ivanhoe Grammar, Ridgeway Campus in Ivanhoe Melbourne on 3–4 April. Keynote speakers lined up for 2017 include Ewan Macintosh, Matt Miller and Jon Burgess. Read More

Kids unknowingly victims of online surveillance
7 Oct 2016 | Australia
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A new book, Surveillance Futures, discusses new issues surrounding the online surveillance of children from around the world through their use of online apps and social media. Read More

QUT pilot study to test sunscreen patch that could prevent sunburn
7 Oct 2016 | Queensland
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A teacher's job often involves a lot of time outside in the sun, particularly if you teach sport or PE. QUT is trialling a UV-sensitive patch that changes colour when it's time to reapply sunscreen and is looking for volunteers. Read More

New model of foster care to be trialled in Vic
6 Oct 2016 | Victoria
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Victoria will be trialling a new model of foster care whereby professionalised foster carers will provide intensive support for children and young people who experience significant emotional or behavioural problems. Read More

Turnbull Government announces new student loan program
5 Oct 2016 | Australia
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The Turnbull Government will be rolling out a "new affordable, sustainable and student-focussed vocational education and training student loans program" from 2017 to replace Labor's VET FEE-HELP. Read More

Concerns GPs are losing confidence to treat kids
5 Oct 2016 | Melbourne University, VIC
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Nearly 60 per cent of GPs reported they did not feel comfortable caring for a child with a complex or chronic condition, such as asthma, migraines or behavioural problems, according to a recent study. Read More

Challenging gifted students
4 Oct 2016 | Australia
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The AAEGT held their National Gifted Conference 201, which included a Youth Summit attended by gifted students from year 7 to 12 and a presentation from Bob Carr, who highlighted the need to challenge Australia's children. Read More

All-female education and engineering students teach future STEMinists
3 Oct 2016 | WA
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An all-female group of education and engineering students, AKA STEMinists, are running workshops called Makerspaces specially designed to teach STEM subjects to female students by female teachers. Read More

Coalition responds to education funding criticism
3 Oct 2016 | Australia
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Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham released a statement responding to criticism and accusations that have arisen in recent weeks and suggests Coalition and Labor have a lot of common ambitions. Read More 

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