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Victorian schools kicking goals

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Data released on the Myschools website show that Victorian schools are among the top in the country for improving student performance by up to 50%.

The 2018 NAPLAN National Report confirmed Victoria as one of the highest performing states in Australia, with Victorian students in Years 3 and 5 leading in four out of the 10 NAPLAN testing areas.

The new data includes school-by-school results from the 2018 NAPLAN exams sat in May 2018, which spans school profile and population data, and 2017 school financial information.

It highlights the many schools across the state whose teaching is significantly lifting the performance of students as they progress through the year levels.

Students who were in Year 3 in 2016 at Glenroy Central Primary School have seen their average reading score improve by 152 points, while the average numeracy result increased 144 points. This represents about 50 per cent more learning growth than is typical for Australian students between Years 3 and 5.

The trend was also seen across higher year levels. Students in Year 7 in 2016 at Alamanda K-9 College have seen their average reading score lift by 69 and their average numeracy score increase by 68. This also represents about 50 per cent more learning growth typical for Australian students between Years 7 and 9.

Victorian Year 7 students were the first or second best performing in three out of five testing areas – reading, numeracy and writing. Compared with last year, Year 5 and Year 9 students saw their average score increase in four out of five of the testing areas: reading, numeracy, spelling and grammar and punctuation.

As part of the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy, the Government is helping schools to continue lifting outcomes by providing principals and teachers access to detailed performance data, evidence-based teaching resources and professional learning for literacy and numeracy leaders in schools.

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